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    Open .fla files

    constantin34 Community Member

      Is the Adobe Flas the only Programm to open .fla files or is there another programms. For an example I want to edit a designed site to my hobby but I couldnt use flas exactly. Is there easier programms or should I ve to learn it and how ?




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          adninjastrator Community Member

          You really need the Flash program to open, edit, and get consistant results.

          There are many Flash tamplates available that allow some customization and are aimed at none Flash developers.... so you don't really need to know a lot about Flash to get started with templates.

          Google "flash web site templates" and you'll see tons of examples like this:


          Best wishes,


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            constantin34 Community Member

            I ve already a template I downloaded the Flash but there is some .fla files, .swf files, and .xml



            How can i open end edit the xml end swf files ?

            and what is the .as files how can i edit it ?




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              Ned Murphy ACP/MVP

              You can edit the .xml and .as files using any ascii text editor.  Even something as simple as Notepad is sufficient.


              You cannot edit an swf.  Swf files are produced from compiling .fla files.  You need to edit the fla that was used to create the swf and then use that fla to recreate the swf with whatever changes you made.  To edit the fla you need Flash software.

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                constantin34 Community Member

                I ve already Flash Software and I can open the fla files thats ok. My question is how to edit them?

                All fla files are black how can I see the texts in flash files?

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                  Ned Murphy ACP/MVP

                  Chances are you need to explore the file to find the content.  One way to possibly find the content is to look at the objects in the library.  Very often the sections of a file will be created as movieclips or graphic symbols, so you might find the content you want to edit in those.  Since you asked about xml and as files as well, there is every chance that siome of the content is defined in those files as well, so you might need to read thru those to see if you find elements that you want to change.  Your best bet is to start with the fla and break it down until you understand its structure.  Always keep/save a clean original copy of the fla so that you can feel free to experiment with another copy of it.

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                    constantin34 Community Member

                    thanks I founded it. How can I edit the picture? For an example in the library I see the pictures from 1 til to 10. I want to change the first thumb pic.

                    If I right click I see there edit it with Photoshop CS 5.


                    Ok I edited the picture but after that I can not see it on html file there is the old pic saved.




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                      Ned Murphy ACP/MVP

                      You need to publish a new swf file and then replace the original swf with it.  The Publish commands are under the File options in the top toolbar.

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                        constantin34 Community Member

                        I saved it like you said . But there is one problem. I cant see the picture.  I see only a red area ;



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                          Ned Murphy ACP/MVP

                          That would indicate you have removed the image for that symbol from the library.  What you should try instead is to import the new image into the fla and plant it in place of the old image in whatever symbol it occupies.

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                            constantin34 Community Member

                            Yes I added istead of this red image another image and I deleted the old image and saved it as a swf but unfortunately I couldnt see  the image who I added in .fla



                            I added .jpeg file and its the same size because I edited the image with ps 5

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                              Ned Murphy ACP/MVP

                              If you are seeing red, the image no longer exists.  Try doing what I said instead of using PS to edit the image.  Import the image into Flash and manually add it into the file.

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                                constantin34 Community Member

                                thank you very much i managed it