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    Aja presets don't show up in PP CS5




      I bought a used HP XW8600 workstation as my Dell XPS420 was too sluggish for hd editing with my Aja Kona LHe. The Dell had an NVIDIA Geforce GTX470 graphics card, which even though not on Aja's approved list still wroked with Adobe Mercury engine. I installed CS5 on the HP using the Quadro FX1700 card that came with it and the Aja was working. After migrating the 470 to it the Aja presets stopped working. Opening Playback Settings then Aja Player settings, I couldn't select formats and the card didn't show up in the Board pulldown, it instead said 'base stream'. Machina worked though.


      I tried the current and previous drivers but no luck. I put the Quadro back, still no luck. Should I uninstall and reinstall CS5, then Aja?


      As an aside, does anyone know a reasonable Nvidia that works with CS5 and HP?


      Thanks everyone