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        This whole thing is outrageous.  An Adobe scam.  They draw you in with this great price on software, just to frustrate you to the point of you actually going out and buying the normal license.  I bet if I start saving now, I will probably have enough money to buy the normal license before this issue is ever fixed.  Shame on Adobe.  It seems very convenient that no one at Adobe can actually do anything to speed up this process, and that no one actually works at Identit-e.  I have been trying for 5 days non stop to get some help.  This is the worst customer experience I have ever had with a company, and I will NEVER purchase another Adobe product as long as I live.  I have been trying alternatives to Photoshop while I sit here waiting around and have found some decent ones.  Photoshop would be great, since it is the standard, but it seems we are all out of luck here.  Come on Adobe, get it together!

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          Thanks for monitoring this. However, I would still like to know why it is taking so long to get a resolution to all of these problems.  I gave up last week on the website and just emailed my Faculty ID to the customer service address for Identit-e.  Do you think that they even bothered to acknowledge that it came in??? No!  I can understand if they are having difficulties with their website for uploading files, but what about just handling business as students and faculty email in their credentials?  Isn't that their job?  Isn't that what they are paid to do?

          What is my recourse if this takes weeks? I wouldn't have bothered to  purchase  the software if this is going to drag on with no end in sight.

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                                                       S U C C E S S !



            I was finally able to submit verification!




            There were no problems at all this time!




            Success on 02/26/2012 at 5:30pm EST.

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              Success! All my problems have been solved, uploaded my documents, now I just have to wait. Jeff, thanks again for all your help!



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                newell3k Level 1

                IT WORKED!  I hope.  I am still very disappointed with Adobe overall, but I would like to thank Jeff for hanging in their with all of us and keeping us updated.  Thank you Jeff.  Hopefully it is smooth sailing from here on out.

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                  WesMc1955 Level 1

                  Oh Happy Days.........


                  Got mine approved.  What a long four days.  But I hope that this gives the rest of you hope. I opened a request through Adobe, uploaded my two documents.  Then I went to Twitter posted a need help with @Adobe_Care this afternoon giving them my Adobe Case # and my Order Number and went to dinner and came back to find emails from Twitter and Adobe telling me it was a done deal.  Praise God.


                  Jeff thank you.  I know you were hammered for the last few day.  I wish everyone here good luck.  Somethings just take time I guess.  Thank you to other folks that helped me along this path.


                  Good Luck All.  And if I can help you in anyway just let me know.



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                    Yeah, I could send the files, finally.

                    However, I am still not happy for how this situation was dealt with.

                    It seems that nobody really knew what was happening; reading through two months of discussion, I read "we are contacting identit-e to see what is the problem" and then no answer of what was the real problem. First time seems to have been Christmas. Second time last week with the (exceptional) offers. I guess that identit-e is not able to deal with an increase of traffic.

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                      Not_Null Level 1

                      I got my license key last night at 1:00 AM.


                      There is hope! Hang in there, guys.

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                        Some success here also, she was finally able to submit her documents early this morning through the link. Now she just has to play the waiting game.

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                          tbinnyc111 Level 1

                          Has anyone had any email correspondence from Identit-e?  I emailed my student ID and have heard nothing.  Adobe customer support doesn't feel that there is any problem here (I just got off the phone with them).  Help!!!!

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                            miguelastico Level 1

                            @tbinnyc111: I was able to complete the "submit proof" steps, and they sent me an email requiring the id and transcript (my id doesn't have date on it). As instructed, I sent them the material, but I didn't receive anything back since then. My guess is that now they are a bit overloaded with all the people who were waiting for the website to work again.

                            In the "check status" link (from the "my orders" page) they state


                            Otherwise, please allow 2 business days before checking the status of your request.


                            So I guess that we need just to be a little patient.

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                              I have been dealing with this for days now.  I thought I would be approved by having a k12 address but this morning was asked to submit proof so I uploaded a copy of my ID and paystub.  Now I need to wait again.  To say this process has been frustrating is an understatement.

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                                After several trials, I managed to get access to Identit-E and quickly entered my Order Number. I got an quick email from Identit-E on Feb 23rd to submit the documents. I immediately replied back with my student ID and trasncript. It is Feb 27 night and no progress other than "Eligibility Pending" at Order page on adobe and standard wait message on Identit-E as shown below on the snapshots.


                                Common Adobe, learn from Microsoft, MATLAB, Maplesoft, etc..... Their verifications have been much more friendly yet I believe more robust than yours. It reflects too badly on Adobe as a software company. I have been using Adobe for years, but such negligence has started me to think about looking for other options.




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                                  panhandle mom

                                  You may want to click on check status. There were at least 3 of us that the process hung-up until we clicked on it, got an error or other screen and came back to have the codes showing..shortly after that we got an email with the codes as well.

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                                    Please add me up to your list, I've tried every day since Feb 22nd, I too get the spinining circle right after clicking on submit proof, I contacted Adobe by chat last night and they told me the same thing I have read on this thread, (try a different a broweser, delete the cookies etc) I've done all of that, so at this point I'm just waiting for this to be fixed.

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                                      tbinnyc111 Level 1

                                      Ok. Got my serial number yesterday finally from Identit-e.  Had the same problems with the spinning circle and not being able to upload the ID.  Here's what to do: email them the ID in the form that they require (it's noted on their email to you).  Then wait.  There's no way to contact them, and whether Adobe can or can't contact them on your behalf is questionable (they are supposed to be an independent verification firm after all). 

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                                        miguelastico Level 1

                                        My problem is that my ID doesn't have date, so I had to send my transcript too. Therefore the form that they require is not sufficient, as I had to use lastname_firstname_productcode_transcript.pdf and lastname_firstname_productcode_ID.pdf. Hopefully they are not that strict. The "check status" page shows that they are checking (really...).

                                        This is really incredible. Adobe is lucky that there is nothing like photoshop around...

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                                          luisinoavila Level 1

                                          Here's an update: I contacted adobe customer service today and the guy was trying to help me validate, but he was not able to do anyhting for me, so he put me on hold a few times and he even logged in using my account so he had to reset my password, only to tell me to send an e-mail to custserv@identit-e.com I have yet to receive an answer, but come on adobe !! please step up to fix  this I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem. It really seems impossible that Adobe cannot solve this problem!!! does not make sen