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    Is Lightroom Worth having?

    Go7hic13 Level 1

      Hi All...


      I have the CS5 Web Premium Suite and it includes Photoshop CS5 Extended...  Is/Are there any differences with lightroom which would make me purchase it?  Any Added Benefits...


      Me...  I'm a web designer but also a sometimes photographer...  But Not professionally.  Should I buy Lightroom if I have Photoshop CS5 Extended?  What functionality would it offer me I don't have with Photoshop CS5 Extended?

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          Go7hic13 Level 1

          Also...  Something I should note...  I do have Photoshop Elements 9...  I don't know how these applications compare to Light room 3...



          Anyone have an opinion?

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            Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            LR3 does three basic things - it catalogs all your images, it applies 'processing', and it creates exported media (prints and web galleries). LR4 adds more features such as GPS tagging. LR can't be directly-compared to PS as it doesn't aim to do the same things, but it can be compared to Bridge:


            • The catalog system is a database rather than a file browser (which you get with Bridge), so it can index offline content on external drives, etc.
            • Everything LR does to an image in the processing panel is nondestructive, so it doesn't alter your original file - unlike in PS. This means you have much more freedom to experiment, and creating many 'virtual copies' of an image doesn't eat your disk space.
            • The print and web export features in LR are way more powerful and flexible than in Bridge.
            • PS, Bridge and LR can process raw images, and they use the same Camera Raw engine - so the effects are the same - however LR's noise reduction and toning controls are considered to be much better than the tools in CR or PS.
            • Bridge will browse pretty much anything (images of any kind, PDFs, video, PDF, InDesign, etc.) - LR only indexes photos and video.
            • Both LR and Bridge can import files from your digital camera, plus LR has the option of tethered shooting for a few models.
            • Both LR and Bridge can link to a social media account (Facebook, Flickr, etc.) and upload files directly to your albums, provided you're using the US English version.
            • While LR has sa couple of touchup tools (spot removal, etc.) in addition to the developing tools (curves, tone mapping, etc.) it's not in any way a replacement for PS.
            • If you work with raw files, LR4 is designed to work much better with DNGs - it's adding things like multi-core preview rendering and embedded thumbnails so viewing a large folder of DNGs is many times faster than in Bridge.


            Suggest you watch JK's video here for more : http://tv.adobe.com/watch/the-complete-picture-with-julieanne-kost/should-i-use-lightroom- or-bridge/

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              Go7hic13 Level 1

              Thanks for the info...  I see you mentioned LR4?  Are they coming out with a newer version?  Is Lightroom 3 to be discontinued soon?  I spoke with one of Adobe's Tech's and they wouldn't tell me if any new software was on it's way.  I can't find any info on Lightroom 4?

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                My opinion is NO Lightroom is not worth having. Too slow and a complete waste of time. You're better off sticking with Photoshop.