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    Message Forum with Dreamweaver

    Keezly Newcomer

      Hey guys. I am in a Web Design class this semester and we are working with Dreamweaver. My goal is to create a website for my Star Wars: The Old Republic guild. This website is going to account for 70% of my course grade. An ideal guild website includes having a message forum, so that members of the guild can communicate with one another when they're not in game. However, my professor is a fine arts teacher (most of the students in the class are focusing on art portfolios for their project this semester). The professor does not know how to create a Message Forum in Dreamweaver.


      My question, I suppose, is how can I incorporate a Message Forum in my Dreamweaver website? The professor suggested I look to buy software or something, but I would like to avoid that if it all possible.


      Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



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          Ben M Ninja

          Most people here will tell you not to re-invent the wheel by trying to make a forum with the vast array of solutions out there that you can integrate into your site (vBulletin, Invision Power Board, Xenforo, phpBB, Simple Machines (SMF), myBB, etc, etc.). If you are looking at making a basic message board you may be able to do it but there are a lot of functions you will need that you can hand-code in PHP or ASP/.NET that DW has no built-in function to accomplish.  For instance, in DW you could easily post and pull records from the database, but that's assuming 1. you have access to a database with your class, and 2. you know how to setup the database to do what you need.


          I don't want to scare you away, but I don't want to mislead you to think that you could build something close to this forum here (Jive software).  How comfortable are you with coding and is this course more about coding and programming or deisgn, what level are you at?

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            Keezly Newcomer

            I am actually not that comfortable with coding. This is an entry level Web Design class; I am working with Photoshop and Dreamweaver for the first time this semester. I am not a Fine Arts major, just taking the class because I needed a high level elective to graduate.



            From your reply, it sounds like for someone with my lack of experience with this software, I am probably better off integrating a forum that's already been designed into my website. I am familiar with vBulletin and phpBB (in that I have frequented websites with these message forums).



            Can you make any suggestions as to which forum would be the cheapest, simplest to integrate into my website?


            Thanks for the help!



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              John Waller Legend

              First, you need to host your website on a PHP-enabled server.


              Then try out the various free PHP offering for forums e.g. phpBB

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                Ben M Ninja

                I'll second John's vote.  phpBB is easier to customize.  SMF is very clunky when it comes to theming.  myBB might not be that bad to look at either. Those are all free options.

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                  John Waller Legend

                  The main issue with phpBB in my experience is spam control.


                  Somehow it always gets through.

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                    Ben M Ninja

                    John Waller wrote:


                    The main issue with phpBB in my experience is spam control.


                    Somehow it always gets through.


                    True, but for a class I don't think the forum will be indexed quick enough to worry about spam.  Heck I run Invision Board and I get spam and run tons of controls and modules to keep what I can out.  Bots are ridiculous.

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                      Landobe Newcomer


                      I am in need of creating a forum from scratch using dreamweaver. Is there any tutorial or anyone have a way to create a simple one and then I can take it from there.

                      Using one of the already exisiting forums out there is easy only if you have a static website. But when you have a website with customers already registered using multiple applications, the last thing you want is another database coded Heaven knows how and trying to figure out how to integrate that to your existing database. Truste me I had tried with all of them and buidling a relationship between those new tables from the forum and the existing tables on your database is ten million times way more complex than just going ahead and starting your own forum from scratch.


                      I really need to have a very well integrated community board on my website. Nothing fancy but well integrated to my database is a most. I really need help buidling a forum.

                      A tutorial for a forum in dreamweaver practically do not exist on the internet. If someone know of something I can use, please let me know and thanks.

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                        bregent Ninja

                        >A tutorial for a forum in dreamweaver practically do not exist on the internet.


                        Dreamweaver is basically a code editor. There's no point trying to search for a DW specific solution. Just search for one that uses your preferred server side scripting.

                        Example: http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/php/how-to-create-a-phpmysql-powered-forum-from-scratch/


                        But I have heard of plenty of folks succesfully integrating existing forum software into their dynamic sites. It is not as difficult as you are making it out to be.