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    future of developing learning objects?

    gutu1 Level 1

      Hello experts

      I am an old teacher in Austria (61). This is my story: I devoloped learning objects early 1991-95 with toolbook. Then I started with AW because toolbook didnt work in the web.

      I began new and developed more than 600 objects with more than 7600 pages in 15 years with AW for accounting (www.ats.eu.com). I was happy with AW because it was easy to transfer the objects from wed to DVD.

      But I was very sad hearing that AW will not be supported by ADOBE. Therefore I learned flash and developed some objects with flash. But I liked AW more!!! Also this forum was excellent and very helpful!


      Now the usage of ipads by my students is increasing and they can not use my learning objects. Wheter in AW nor in flash!


      I think that a lot of other developers have the same problem. Which tool will be the best for all platforms? I was studing the web and read about html5. Is this the future?

      If yes, is there any tool to transfer AW - objects to html5?


      It would be great to get hints!

      Thanks and good wishes from Salzburg


      uwe gutwirth