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    CS5.5 will not export MPEG2 Transport stream with mpg extension?


      I am creating video for the local cable access channel. I have been using the MPEG2 NTSC DV High Quality preset. That preset outputs MPEG layer 2 audio. The cable access coordinator says that those files will not play audio from the Soloist media server, even though the specs for that server calls for MPEG layer 2 audio. Those files play ok in Windows Media Player. When analyzed with AVIcodec, GSpot, and VideoInspector, they all show there is MPEG layer 2 audio. The server shows no audio at all in one of it's reports.


      I had previously been using an older version of Final Cut Pro and Compressor. I no longer have access to that computer but I believe I had been exporting a Program Stream. The access channel's documentation calls for Transport Stream. When exporting Transport Stream MuliplexingMPEG2 video in CS5.5 Media Encoder, the output file has the .m2t extension. These 3 codec analyzers aren't recognizing this as MPEG2. I assume that the video server will not recognize this m2t file extension at all. Final Cut's compressor did output the Program Stream MPEG2 with the mpg extension.


      Is there a way to export Transport Stream MPEG2 video with MPEG layer 1 audio and have an .mpg file extension on the resulting file?


      Also, anyone familiar enough with PID values to know if that could have any bearing on why the MPEG layer 2 audio is not being detected in that video server when I use the MPEG2 NTSC High Quality presets?


      Thanks for any help.