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    computer infected with virus, can't go online, how to deactivate?

    vincy20 Level 1

      I currently have bought and is using 'Adobe Creative Suite 5 Design Premium Student and Teacher Edition' on a windows PC for over year now.

      and recently, I encounter an online virus and so I need to reformat my computer completely that has the Adobe software...

      I read the online FAQs that I will need to deactivate(?) my product so that I can reinstall it again.


      My problem is that because of the virus, I cannot even go online to the internet to intiate the deactivation process (with the computer that has virus;; i am now using another computer with internet connection to ask for help)...and I'm not sure how to solve it correctly....

      Can someone please let me know asap on how i can solve my problem? Do I need to 'deactivate permentaly' first? If you can show me a step-by-step guide, that would be great too.


      I appreciate your response. Thank-you.


      Adobe customer