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    Dreamweaver online editing CMS


      Hi folks!


      Im a graphic designer and started creating website using Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.

      I bought this powerfull adobe program recently after im a great fan of photoshop, premiere, and after effects.


      My problem is:

      My clients would like to edit their website easily. As in a cms system kinda way they mean.

      But i have NO idea how to do this easily. I digged the web for SO much information and im

      really against the wall right now. Why doesnt adobe have a simple plugin that goes along with you webfiles,

      so you can edit content online in a easy matter? Im rather disappointed...


      This is the website im working on right now:



      For God sake, is there a way for my clients to JUST edit their posts in the NEWS section?


      And i really dont feel the need to go through all this Wordpress templates editing/Drupel....adobe contribute stuff.

      I really dont. There must be an easier way...fine, if they want to use Wordpress, that totally fine, but ONLY the post section in the news content area.

      Not convert my website completely to wordpress...that doesnt make sense.


      Shame on you Adobe, for not being too smart with this one...

      still love you LOL

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          teedoffnewbie Level 2

          The problem with this is that while adobe makes great products that accomodate the novice to the master coder/user, those products are not open software and free for distribution. Contribute I think is part of several "package suits" and used to manage websites, but of course its not free. Therefore the client would need to purchase that program as well to maintain their own site.


          You can set up editable regions in your DW pages that allow clients to ONLY be able to edit those particular areas of the page, but I would assume they'd need DW themselves to take advantage of this feature.


          Wordpress, and other CMS's like it are designed for clients to manage their own sites and is free to use, modify, and distribute. You can set up and design a wordpress site within dreamweaver just like any project, then have the wp admin set up for the end client so they can edit their content.


          I understand your client wants JUST to edit a particular section of their site, and you really dont want to convert the site to a wp site, but I'm not sure there is any other option. There are sites like moonfruit, but you're limited to using their own proprietary templates and servers and cant take it with you if you later decide to move. I've "designed" one of these types sites, and its ok...not really fully customizable as some, but it makes it easy for the end client to manage it, add and delete content, and more.


          Your site looks rather simple enough, so that you could use the layout as a template and set up Wordpress to use this template. I guess thats just the nature of our business. customers want more than they are willing to pay for..lol


          Sorry I couldnt be of more help.

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            John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            There are dozens of CMS options available to you ranging from freebies where you can edit chunks of text to full blown CMSes.


            Adobe has, in fact, been very active developing CMS solutions over the past 10 years or so but Contribute and Business Catalyst are obviously proprietary solutions and not suitable for everyone.


            However, CMSes which offer browser based editing are the way to go at the moment, so you're not tied to a particular computer to edit and upload changes.


            For what you want, a Wordpress page tailored to integrate into your website would be the way to go. You don't need a 100% Wordpress site to take advantage of Wordpress for time sensitive pages such as News.



            Other smaller options



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              Brucezwarts Level 1

              Thank you so much guys.

              That integrating wordpress link looks rather like the thing im looking for.

              So i'll have it a go


              Would be VERY nice if i could only use a post section, which they can edit.


              I also found another program called Artisteer, which is very nice for fast theme building.

              Although its not what im looking for. The nature of the problem lies in the fact that it's not easy

              to customize wordpress for the site that i want. To only adjust the width of the sidebar, i went through a lot of trouble with %'s and what not,

              shifting my side all over the place. Or to have a background image in my sidebar, as you can see on my website in the link on top of this page.


              Anyway, ill try the intergration part for now. Thanks! I'll let you guys know if i got it working or not.



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                cmspro Level 1

                I would suggest either Konductor (http://www.konductor.net) or Perch (http://grabaperch.com/) but Konductor would be the best option for allowing simple edits - especially for a Dreamweaver user.


                Hope that helps!

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                  Brucezwarts Level 1

                  GUYS! I SOLVED IT!


                  Thank you so much for trying to help me out here.

                  However, there is a most SIMPLE, solution for all this:


                  To create your own website without running it on a CMS like wordpress, but only use the content/blog/post of it, simply use <iframe>


                  The code i used is:

                  <iframe src="http://URL OF THE POST PAGE" width="600" height="400" frameborder="0" marginwidth ="0px" marginheight="0px" scrolling="auto"></iframe>


                  I put it in the section where i wanted my blog into dreamweaver and it works like a charm.

                  If you want the head and footer and all that jazz of it, just delete them carefully from the themes directory,

                  or if you want to do it right, creat a empty template and set it to posts page in the wordpress dashboard.


                  Simple as that, just a little iframe line, and im done


                  Thanks guys, i hope i can help others with this as well.



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                    Ben M Adobe Community Professional

                    Brucezwarts wrote:


                    GUYS! I SOLVED IT!


                    Thank you so much for trying to help me out here.

                    However, there is a most SIMPLE, solution for all this:


                    To create your own website without running it on a CMS like wordpress, but only use the content/blog/post of it, simply use <iframe>




                    Simple as that, just a little iframe line, and im done


                    Bruce, sorry to jump into this party late, but while the iFrame is a simple solution there are many reasons why it's not used.  First is indexing.  Google is going to see that as it's own page.  What happens if a user ends up at this page: http://thehazeworks.com/ .  Then the user is stuck and cannot go anywhere else on your site.  Second, there is iFrames and mobile devices. Below is a screenshot on an iPad tablet:


                    iOS Simulator Screen shot Mar 3, 2012 10.09.20 AM.png

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                      Brucezwarts Level 1


                      Thank you very much sir/madame...youre right.

                      However i solved this problem, by making my HOME page into a template page,

                      i set the static page in wordpress to whatever page with this template,

                      and i set the post section to another and changes the iframe. Works again.

                      Good that you pointed it out. Of course im having some linking problem now,

                      but that an eyeopener for development.


                      When im all done with the website, ill post the results and a recap right here

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                        Brucezwarts Level 1

                        ah, and about the mobile thingy, i saw it on my own phone as well.

                        But i was planning to install a wordpress mobile plugin and give its own theme...

                        although i dont find it annoying that the posts are extended. Do you??

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                          mytaxsite.co.uk Level 6

                          If you are going to edit php files extensively, then clearly you should

                          be using NetBeans - available free of charge from Oracle.  I suggest try

                          this link first and read it before doing anything else:




                          Adobe products are simply not suitable for everybody especially your

                          customer who will need a lot of training about html and css apart from

                          how to use dreamweaver properly.


                          Good luck.

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                            I suggest to use free version of Codelobster PHP Edition for advanced editing of PHP files.
                            It has also good support for Drupal and WordPress CMS.