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    Tutorial does not work

    Saskatchewanobie Level 2

      I bought the photoshop touch app expecting great things, instead, the first tutorial I tried gives an error message and drops me back to the start point.


      The first app, says: Add Dramatic Flare


      I click on that, and go to begin tutorial and click on that,


      Step one says: Tap the top layer and choose the scribble selection tool.


      Okay, from what I see on screen the scribble tool is already highlighted without tapping on anything.


      So I tap on it anyway to see what happens,


      It de-selects,


      I tap on the image to see what happens,


      The top layer is selected and a message appears that says: "Tap the otp layer and choose the Scribble Selection tool.


      The top layer is already highlighted and selected but, as nothing is happening, I tap on it again in the right-hand menues  which does nothing


      The scribble tool is already selected


      Nothing is happening so I click on the right arrow to move to the next step


      The error message comes on a blue box in the center of the screen that says:



      The turorial seems to be out of sync with the application. Please go back to the previous step.


      Since there really is not previous step as I haven't done anything yet, I click on the back arrow


      The whole scenario starts over again and goes like an infinite loop back through the step I just named above.


      All of the Tutorials work similarly.


      Where is the fun in that?


      Please help me,



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          Hi Ken...


          Hope I can help... The scribble selection tool requires you to draw or mark in what area you want to keep and which areas you want to remove in the selection process...


          - if you deselect the tool by tapping the top icon then you will lose the tool parameters - keeping the tool open allows you to access the required tool selection items...


          - "tapping" on the image after the tool deselects won't accomplish anything as you have to draw on the areas you want to "keep" and then select the "remove" button under the tool to get it to make a selection - - this is similar to the way some other mask programs operate...


          - when drawing in the selection keep and remove areas, they will be shown as green and red lines respectively...


          - no actual selection will be made until after there is both a keep and remove area selected...


          - once you have both areas selected and the tool makes it's initial selection you can go back and refine the areas by adding more keep or remove areas - later you can "refine edge" seperately...


          Following that you will get the hang of keeping the tutorial in sync with what you are doing - problem is that the instructions do not auto advance so you have to tell it every time you have done what it has asked of you...


          Happy hunting - things thawing in Saskatchewan yet ??

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            Saskatchewanobie Level 2

            This is awsome help KTMjapan, Thank You for getting me all encouraged now, that there is a process and a way to address this app in order to use it. How did you find these things out? I do not see any introductory help anywhere. I will try it again, but keep your text in front of me so I can take it step by step.


            Things are thawing in Saskatchewan, and we appreciate help in figuring out Photoshop Touch.





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              Saskatchewanobie Level 2

              Okay, I am still bamboozled: What is the "Scribble Tool?"


              The tool that is available in the upper left hand vertical column of tools is a dotted lined rectangle, even when I put the cursor over it and press, it says 'Scribble Tool' but is a more "Marquee" tool looking tool. I would expect a "Scribble Tool" to look like a pencil.


              What gives?

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                KTMjapan Level 2

                Put your finger on the top tool on the bar - sounds like marque tool in your case - then slide your finger down to the tool which includes 3 tools - the magic wand tool ( looks like magic wand ) - the Scribble select tool ( which has a x / ✓ button ) and the brush selection tool ( marque looking tool with a brush in it )..


                Make sure your finger or stylus is over the Scribble tool when you release it and it will be selected... You should now see the x / ✓ button at the top of the tool bar... Pitter patter...


                How did you find these things out?   School of Hard Knocks...


                Things are thawing here in Northern Japan as well - I spent many a summers in North Battleford and still have quite few relatives in Saskatoon...


                Hope that helps - if so please mark this as answered...

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                  Saskatchewanobie Level 2

                  A world of thanks to you sir. I would treat you out for dinner if you lived closer. Have a nice evening,