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    Windows 7, OE, and PRE Crashes


      To Whom It May Concern:


      I uncovered what could be a problem in OE (Organizer Elements). This could be causing crashes and numerous unexplained problems in OE and PRE in Windows 7. Please see my post in the PRE forum entitled: "Aero Problems on Win 7 With PRE, PSE and OE".


      It appears that Adobe engineers are not making the proper API calls to the Aero interface. If this is the case; they are going around the proper GUI and making calls directly to the drivers or other interfaces for the display.


      If this is happening; "all bets could be off " in regards to proper Windows operation. It could have many unexpected consequences and crashes in Windows. (It is like many of the old game designers going around the GUI for access to the display; not a recommend approach in modern system design).


      I explain how I came to this conclusion in my post to PRE the forum. I could be wrong, but I would not trust OE management of data until this is fixed in OE and PRE. Until Adobe releases these products with the proper the calls to Aero and they act like other Windows compliant programs; I would not trust them with important data.


      Your thoughts on this would be welcome.


      John H.