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    Any ways to edit the file RecoveryData ?

    Ugo G.

      Good day fellow InDesign users.


      in point form :

      - had a file opened and saved on a server,

      - server imploded. File is destroyed.

      - have a backup copy (missing a day's worth of work) on my local disk

      - Recovery data exists (made a backup copy of it)

      - The file "RecoveryData" contains the path to the original and now very unavailable file

      - tried to edit the path to said file to something like C:\Users\blabla


      Indesign wont use the modified RecoveryData file.


      SO is there a way to edit that file so it dont mess up the file integrity ?


      Many thanks for your help ^^



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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          You could mount a remote drive at the old server's path (or a local drive using whatever the modern windows equivalent of ASSIGN is) and move the backup copy there so that when InDesign tries to use the old path, it still works...

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            Ugo G. Level 1

            Ok i read this and it feels like a good idea. I dont know how to do this though. I'm from a mac universe and now work on pc, so i'm a tad dysfunctionnal ^^


            Meanwhile, interresting turn of events : the server that wasn't responsive and according to every test was very dead (on broken disk in a raid), came back from the dead. We put the ******* in a refregirator for a few hours, plugged it back and lives. Seems that the disk became too hot and couldn't respond. What we learn is that the fans are not powerful enough for the work load.


            Meanwhile although i feel confident that we can trick indesign. I still think there is a way to edit that becursed file.