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    Can't deactivate CS4 Web Premium

    Robin Deutschendorf

      I am about to reformat a computer and want to deactiave CS4. When I try to deactivate, I get an error that says "uanble to connect."


      I have deactivated my firewall, all antivirus software is uninstalled, and when I ping activate.adobe.com I get a successful connection.


      I tried contacting tech support online and he told me to submit a support ticket. When I tried to submit a support ticket it told me to call. When I tried to call I sat on hold for ages. When I tried to request a callback it said phone support is not currently available. This does not seem like it should be so hard? Thank you to anyone who can help. I have deactivated this same software a couple of times in the past without a problem.


      I am running Windows 7.