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        Noel Carboni Level 8

        Everyone has their limits.  I've been going through mental gymnastics to figure out what it would take to put together a modern dual hex-core workstation, and the level of complexity and uncertainty briefly reached my limits when I recently learned that the motherboards one finds in Dell Precision T5500 systems are not all created equal.


        The point is that some things follow rules and some are just arbitrary, and everything has to be right for it to work, and exactly right for it to work well.  The realm of computing defies being oversimplified, even though operating system manufacturers are striving to make the user experience simpler.



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          Hudechrome Level 2

          That's also true of the Asus boards in the HP Slimline series. When I checked the board number, according to Asus, there is no on board video. But in fact, there is, probably for some versions.


          I'm doing some investigations on two measurement devices, Spectrum Analyzers and Arbitrary Waveform Generators.


          Either system makes a computer seem like a walk in the park.





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            pf22 Level 2

            Sidarthurr wrote:


            From my research, it seems that a larger power supply means A LOUDED POWER SUPPLY and I sure don't want my computer to get any louder than it currently is!


            Check out the PSU's from Seasonic and/or Corsair; I'm pretty sure the Corsair's are rebranded Seasonic's.


            The Seasonic "X Series" use a hybrid passive/forced cooling system - sorry, not sure of the Corsair equivalent. This means the fan doesn't start to spin 'til the unit reaches about 20% of its load, that's not going to happen if you're just surfing the Web etc, and because they use one of the quietest fans available, when the fan is running you really don't hear it.


            They use top rated components, and the units are highly efficient, my one is "Gold" rated, +80% efficient; I personally wouldn't use the Coolmax you linked to.


            Good luck


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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              For PSU's, you might want to look at the Extreme Power Supply Calculator.


              There are also several PSU's listed on that page.


              As for fitting into your case, you might want to measure the area, the size of your existing unit, and then look at the specs. for the various units.


              Good luck,




              PS - I have a CoolerMaster 1200W, that fits nicely into my mid-tower case, and is quiet, especially compared to the 9 fans that the case has.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Finding a good tech for a graphics workstation, it harder, than it might initially seem.


                For my last workstation, I interviewed about six techs, and 5 had no clue what I needed, or what I was running. They made some wild recs., and statements, and were a complete wash. One was even a highly recommended enterprise server builder, but when it came to a box for Photoshop, AfterEffects and Premiere Pro, did not know what he was talking about. I feel bad for some of his clients. After 6 mos. of looking, I mentioned my problem to a friend, who is a research physician, and does heavy 3D imaging in his research. He had a builder in mind, and in 5 mins., I knew that I had found my tech. He completely understood what a graphics workstation was, and also how 2D differed from 3D. I used to build my own, but things have changed so quickly, that it would take me longer to come up to speed today, and cost me more $ in the end, than to hire someone, who knew exactly what was available, how to put it together, and get it to run perfectly. It's like working on automobiles. I once did 90% of my own work, until my wife bought a Saab 900T. I popped the bonnet, could only find the turbo, closed the bonnet, and let a Saab mechanic do all the work. Now, with her Mercedes, I stay clear of anything under that hood, as I do not recognize one piece...


                When you do find your tech, level completely with them. Tell them exactly how you plan on using your machine. Tell them to not cut corners, and go with their recs.


                Good luck,



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                  Hudechrome Level 2

                  Yes, I know about Saabs as well. I would like to do my own clutch but even that!


                  If I were to go custom these folks come to mind:



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                    Sidarthurr Level 1

                    I sure appreciate all your advice. Your patience with me is very inspiring


                    Makes me want to be more like YOU


                    Shall we take a survey as to whether or not I have been too arrogant on this thread?





                    RIGHT NOW!!!


                    What I really need to know is if it's true that you no longer need to install a previous Photoshop program to install the CS5 upgrade


                    Is it true that I only need the serial number from the previous upgrade to install the CS5 upgrade on my computer?





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                      PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

                      Yes, you do not need to have a previous version installed.

                      You will need a qualifying version: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/826/cpsid_82641.html (not a student edition, not a suite to a single product...) serial number, that you will enter in the appropriate field during the installation.

                      What makes you believe that you received wrong information? I do not think that anyone contradicted that statement when you received it.

                      On this page of a troubleshooting guide for installation issues, it is clearly stated that there is a moment in the installation where a serial number from a previous version will need to be entered: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/828/cpsid_82831.html this is information from Adobe, should be good enough to be trusted, no?

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                        Noel Carboni Level 8

                        Sidarthurr wrote:


                        Is it true that I only need the serial number from the previous upgrade to install the CS5 upgrade on my computer?



                        Out of curiosity, why wouldn't you believe it when I said it?  Did you forget already?



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                          Sidarthurr Level 1

                          I just wanted to make absolutely certain because it sounded too good to be true and you know what they say about things that sound too good to be true!!! 


                          Great news!!! 


                          I also see no reason to take any chances with old programs by using the 64 bit Windows 7 Ultimate upgrade disk on my 32 bit system. Even if it can handle the 64 bit upgrade it just seems risky to me and it's a risk I don't need to take.



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                            Sidarthurr Level 1

                            Okay, here's my plan of action:


                            My new graphics video card should be here this week. Supposedly, this dedicated video card will free up some memory on my computer and will make the computer and CS5 run better. How much better remains to be seen.


                            I also ordered a 25 foot HDMI cord and a keyboard extension cord so that I can use my computer using the HDTV in the living room as a computer monitor. I got an HDMI splitter and most people at amazon say works fantastic. I hope it works for me because I have only one HDMI input on my HDTV. Before this week is out I should be typing posts here forum in the living room


                            Once everything works great I intend to reformat the computer if I still feel it could use a reformatting. Maybe I won't feel it needs a reformatting anymore. Although I would like to use the trial version of Norton Ghost 15. I hope I can burn that disk first so that Ghost 15 will work properly. That would be sooooooo cool!

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                              Noel Carboni Level 8

                              What's your specific intent with Ghost?  Are you thinking you want to make a backup image of your current setup, format the disk, then reinstall the Ghost image?


                              If so, that would be a waste of time.



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                                Sidarthurr Level 1

                                My Intent is to NEVER have to completely reformat again


                                I want to be able to reformat then use the Norton Ghost program in order to always be able to bring my computer operation right back to the day I reformatted and used the Norton Ghost program


                                That's my intention

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                                  Noel Carboni Level 8

                                  Ah, so you are looking to make a backup after you do a clean install, so that you can restore that backup in the future.


                                  Windows Backup actually does that quite well.  It's called a System Image backup.  No need for 3rd party software.



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                                    Sidarthurr Level 1

                                    There are two options at amazon for system imaging software. Most people reviewing are dissatisfied with both Norton Ghost 15 and True Image Home 2012


                                    Are you saying I can reformat, load my programs, then use the "System Image Backup" that is part of the Windows 7 Ultimate program in order to bring my system right back to the day I first used the 'System Image Backup?


                                    This is what you are talking about, right?



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                                      Noel Carboni Level 8



                                      Was there some part of the wording in the Microsoft description that you linked-to that left any doubt?


                                      "You can use a system image to restore the contents of your computer if your hard disk or computer ever stops working. When you restore your computer from a system image, it's a complete restoration"


                                      Unfortunately, it seems particularly difficult for me to communicate with you, which is atypical, so I'm just going to bow out here.  I really do have better things to do than to repeat things over and over to you to try to get you to believe them.  Good luck with your system changes; I hope everything works well for you when you get it all together.



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                                        Sidarthurr Level 1

                                        It could just be a complete restoration to the point before you add any of your programs!!


                                        It does not make it absolutely clear whether or not it will restore to the point of computer operation AFTER you install your programs


                                        I've seen a number of people complaining about Norton Ghost 15 at amazon who are using Windows 7


                                        Are you saying ALL OF THEM don't realize that they don't need Norton Ghost 15?????


                                        ALL OF THEM?????


                                        This is why I want to make absolutely certain


                                        You expect me to blindly believe you as though you are some sort of bloody computer God


                                        Well, if I feel I must quadruple check before I go ahead with a computer suggestion that's just what I am going to do!!!


                                        And I don't feel bad about doing so AT ALL!!!!!


                                        Been led astray too many times

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                                          Sidarthurr Level 1

                                          I would imagine that SOMONE at amazon would have said that you don't need Norton Ghost 15 if you are using the Windows 7 operating system.


                                          I DIDN'T SEE (((ANYONE))) SAY THAT!!!!


                                          NOT SO MUCH AS A SINGLE PERSON!!!!!


                                          And you expect me to blindly believe you?????

                                          • 138. Re: CS5 Locking Up System
                                            Sidarthurr Level 1

                                            After calling Microsoft tech support, getting a case number and being transfered SO FAR the tech support guy didn't understand what I wanted. When I tried to explain what I actually wanted..


                                            ((( WE GOT CUT OFF BEFORE HE COULD ANSWER!!!! ))))


                                            I AM QUITE ANGRY RIGHT NOW!!!


                                            HE HAD MY TELEPHONE NUMBER AND DIDN'T CALL ME BACK!!!!


                                            I'll try again


                                            Sorry, but I need to know for certain. Wish I could just blindly trust you. I really do!!!


                                            But, I can't


                                            On hold with Microsoft

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                                              Sidarthurr Level 1

                                              TO NOEL,


                                              Well, I spoke to the Microsoft Technician and he cofirms what you said, Noel!


                                              Thanks so much for you patience in putting up with me for this is truly GREAT NEWS!!!


                                              He told me it would be a good idea to take a system image snapshot of the operating system BEFORE I install the new graphic card, just in case


                                              I feel it would be a good test run of using this system imaging system option just in case


                                              Let's see if I have enough room on one of my external hardrives


                                              He said it might take quite a bit of hardrive space to store the compressed image

                                              • 140. Re: CS5 Locking Up System
                                                Sidarthurr Level 1

                                                TO NOEL,


                                                You are the only person who told me about this feature of Windows 7.


                                                THANKS SO VERY MUCH!!!


                                                You were right and I'm so very glad you were! 


                                                I believe, you are also the person who first told me about not needing to instal previous versions of Photoshop in order to install CS5


                                                That was also GREAT NEWS and YOU brought it to me!!


                                                Thanks so very much!!! 


                                                Once I'm certain the backup image of my operating system actually works I'm going to go to amazon

                                                tell them the troubles I have had with the trial version of Norton Ghost 15

                                                and that such programs are not needed if you have a Windows 7 operating system


                                                However, first I must make absolutely certain that it will actually work!

                                                • 141. Re: CS5 Locking Up System
                                                  Sidarthurr Level 1

                                                  To Noel,


                                                  It's not that it's so difficult to communicate with me as it seems you expected me to believe you as though you are the computer God who is infallible and inerrant.


                                                  I was just almost led astray by that "expert" from the HP forum and almost bought a graphics card that would only work properly with a computer that has a minimum


                                                  of a 500 W power supply output.


                                                  I wanted a consensus here


                                                  I wanted other people here to agree with what you stated


                                                  I wanted to be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN you were correct and now it seem you were indeed absolutely correct on CERTAIN MATTERS


                                                  Thanks again for that!

                                                  • 142. Re: CS5 Locking Up System
                                                    Noel Carboni Level 8

                                                    I don't know whether you're trying to make yourself feel better with these incessant posts or what, but I really no longer have any interest in communicating with you.  Please just let it drop.



                                                    • 143. Re: CS5 Locking Up System
                                                      Sidarthurr Level 1

                                                      Hey, I"m just really grateful, dude! You really came through for me and I truly appreciate it. Thanks! 


                                                      Your big problem is you expected me to blindly believe you as though you are God


                                                      Sorry, I couldn't do that, but...


                                                      YOU WERE RIGHT!!!


                                                      About some very important things


                                                      Now, I'm curious how my computer will respond once I install the new graphics card


                                                      Supposedly CS5 will work better because the graphics card will free up some RAM memory


                                                      Oh, so I've read


                                                      Looking forward to surfing the web on my big screen HDTV in the living room


                                                      That should be fun


                                                      I can already see the post here to come. Something like:


                                                      "Hey, I'm typing this post from the living room using my HDTV as a computer monitor. AWESOME!!!!"



                                                      • 144. Re: CS5 Locking Up System
                                                        Sidarthurr Level 1

                                                        HP PAUL WROTE THIS. IF ANY OF YOU DISAGREE (((PLEASE))) LET ME KNOW. THANKS:


                                                        Follow the basic guidance when installing a video card. 


                                                        Before you install it, go into your device manager, right click on your current video adapter, and select Uninstall. Don't restart the PC, like it asks.   Instead, shut down the PC, unplug it, and physically install your new video card. 


                                                        Now, one thing about these new fangled video cards with HDMI going into old PC's... 


                                                        I am going to save you hours of frustration here... 


                                                        When you install your new video card and boot up the PC, after you install the drivers and everything, you are going to discover you have no on-board audio anymore. 

                                                        People go crazy trying to figure this one out...try to install audio drivers...some have even gone so far as to purchase an add on sound card, only to find out nothing works. 


                                                        So, here is the 1 minute solution: 


                                                        Restart your PC. Tap the F10 key at the beginning of the HP welcome screen to access the BIOS. 


                                                        Look in the BIOS for an onboard audio setting. You will find that it is either set to Auto or Disabled. 


                                                        Change that setting to Enabled. 


                                                        Save the setting there (normally hit the F10 key), and again when you exit the BIOS. 


                                                        When the PC starts up you should have your onboard sound back, and if you connect an HDMI cable to your TV, you should get sound from the TV.   Paul

                                                        • 145. Re: CS5 Locking Up System
                                                          Sidarthurr Level 1

                                                          I could have saved myself a lot of grief if I just contacted Adobe directly about this problem. EVENTUALLY getting answers from people who don't work for the company can be misleading. If I would have contacted Adobe directly about the problems I was having with CS5 chances are I could have avoided a lot of grief.


                                                          The same goes for the HP site. That guy Paul does NOT work for the HP company.


                                                          From now on I intend to go right to the source for answers to my problems with programs or hardware.


                                                          I don't like trying to get answers in these forums from people who act like they have all the answers


                                                          when they may be incorrect on any number of issues

                                                          • 146. Re: CS5 Locking Up System
                                                            PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

                                                            Besides Chris Cox, all the other responders in this thread do not work for Adobe.

                                                            • 147. Re: CS5 Locking Up System
                                                              Sidarthurr Level 1

                                                              Well that's the thing, dude. Consider that I blindly assumed that guy Paul over at HP worked for HP. I believe it was thanks to YOU that I considered asking him and found out he didn't work for HP.


                                                              I appreciate your help, but I would have saved myself a lot of uncertainty if I just went to the source and called the companies about these matters. That's what I intend to do from now on because finding solutions in forums like this is nerve-wracking. I wait and wait and can't be absolutely certain whether or not the information I get is accurate. If I would have blindly trusted that Paul guy I would now have a graphics card that would not work with my 300 W output system.


                                                              However, thanks so very much for taking the time to try and help me. I really appreciate it! 

                                                              • 148. Re: CS5 Locking Up System
                                                                Sidarthurr Level 1

                                                                Let me give you an example of what I mean:


                                                                I just bought this unit and it should be shipped to me from this company very soon. On this site the company selling the Alesis TransActive Mobile Portable PA provides a video as to its features.


                                                                http://www.americanmusical.com/Item--i-ALE-TAM-LIST?SRC=D0407FG0HAMS0000&utm_source=froogl e&utm_medium=feed&


                                                                On the back is a stereo output that appears to use a 1/4 inch TRS jack in order to daisy-chain link the units together. I've found that sometimes in situations like this the 1/4 inch plug can be either stereo or mono. If you use as stereo plug you get the signal in stereo. If you use a mono plug you get the stereo signal in mono. This company could not give me a definite answer. Musician's Friend could not give me a definite answer. However, after waiting on hold, for quite a while, with the Alesis company I got a straight and definite answer.


                                                                The point is:


                                                                I'm much better off calling the company who creates the soft or hardware on any issues I may have because your answers in forums like these may be correct or it may be incorrect and I really don't want to constantly be second-guessing myself and asking "Are you sure of this" over and over and over and still feeling I need a second opinion from someone else.


                                                                If you see flaws in my reasoning please let me know

                                                                • 149. Re: CS5 Locking Up System
                                                                  Noel Carboni Level 8

                                                                  Sidarthurr wrote:


                                                                  If you see flaws in my reasoning please let me know


                                                                  Your reasoning - that you want to make sure you're acting on good information - is sound.  How you, personally, are trying to accomplish that could use some work.


                                                                  Please allow me to offer some constructive suggestions for improving your future forum experiences...


                                                                  Soliciting information or opinions can be done with respect and humility, or it can be done in such a way as to insult the people who are trying to help.  It's worth striving for the former.


                                                                  Ignoring what you're told and publicly exclaiming that you don't believe the answers you're given are just plain rude.  Try not to be rude to the folks who help you.  Look up the connotations of the phrase "bite the hand that feeds you" some time.


                                                                  Understand that in asking for help you are already saying "I don't know the answer", and the people who respond really have no responsibility to convince you of anything beyond a reasonable doubt - they are just sharing their knowledge.  You, in turn, are simply accumulating knowledge and clues of things you didn't know about to help YOU learn enough to get the answers right.


                                                                  And finally, rudeness cannot be called back later by exclaiming "Amazingly, you were right!", no matter how many times you repeat it.  Often it's best just to say thanks and move on.


                                                                  May I now suggest now to you to "pay it forward" and try to help others online with the knowledge you have.  Being in "helper's shoes" will allow you to see the things I've mentioned above more clearly, and you will learn a lot - those who strive to help others know that doing so is a great way to grow and learn more themselves.



                                                                  • 150. Re: CS5 Locking Up System
                                                                    Sidarthurr Level 1

                                                                    To Noel,


                                                                    My passionate nature serves me well with my music. However, it obviously makes me less humble than I should be.


                                                                    I've been led astray too many times and I'm really sorry I just didn't just believe you because it turns out you gave me a lot of great advice. Thanks so much, but...well...it seems that I would be less rude if I could be absolutely certain of the information I am getting and that can only be done by contacting the companies directly on the phone so that I can ask questions and get clarification on their answers immediately.


                                                                    Hey, when I found out I almost bought a recommented graphics card that would not work with my 300W computer output system I was indeed tempted to be very rude to Paul in the the HP forum. I vented here instead as an illustration as to why I am justifyably wary of ANY computer advice I may receive in forums like these.


                                                                    Yes, I can be rude when frustrated. I would try to justify my rudness by saying that Beethoven would have been a hell of a lot ruder if he was here trying to figure out how to do the things I have asked of you. Yet, Beethoven's passion made much of his music rather 'immortal'. However, it did not serve him very well in a social capacity.


                                                                    So, when I first came here I was an idiot savant without the 'savant' part. People like you have helped to make me wiser.


                                                                    Please accept my humble apologies for my rudeness


                                                                    Hey, my graphics card, 25' HDMI cord and HDMI splitter for my HDTV, that got may great reviews, has arrived and I'm about ready to embark 'Where No Me Has Gone Before'. It's exciting and yet...gulp...


                                                                    Wish me luck


                                                                    Microsoft suggested that I use Windows 7 to take a system image and save it on an external hard drive before I instal the graphics card just in case. Sounds like a good idea and a chance for me to get familiar with the procedure before I soon reformat and create the official system image that may save me from ever having to reformat from scratch again.


                                                                    Microsoft said that as long as everything stays the same on my computer I can use that system image to restore my computer to the day I took the image. HOWEVER, if I do something like get a bigger hard drive with different drivers the system image will not work and I will not be able to restore my computer using it.


                                                                    Any comments about this would be most humbly welcome



                                                                    • 151. Re: CS5 Locking Up System
                                                                      Sidarthurr Level 1

                                                                      I believe I see what the problem is. On the phone with Microsoft I was not tempted AT ALL to be rude because I could get IMMEDIATE clarification about ANYTHING he said. In forums like this I may get an answer that I partly don't understand and it is frustrating for me to wait until I get clarification IF I GET IT AT ALL!! That tempts to make me frustrated and rude indeed! I believe it was earlier on in this thread that I kept asking a couple of important questions over and over and over and EVERYONE just ignored them. Yes, that tempted to bring out the rudeness in me. Indeed it did!


                                                                      That's why forums of this nature can be too frustrating to deal with when preparing to embark on a computer project that may...I don't want to even think it! 


                                                                      I hope I'm being at least a little less atypical when it comes to communicating with me

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