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    Time Machine Meltdowns

    mr eric p Community Member

      Has anyone else had trouble with Time Machine backups initiating while using the LR4b?


      The Time Machine backup will hang on me indefinitley, such that I have to click "Stop Backing Up" in the menu bar. When I next attempt to shut down my computer, it will get stuck on the gray screen with the spinner... and have to shut it down by holding down the power button (very bad!). After a restart, spotlight has to re-index my whole machine all over again from scratch.


      I think this may only happen to me when a TM backup gets initiated during a camera import? And may be related to a faulty USB cable I had interrupting the imports before they could complete? It's happened to me 4-5 times in the month that I've been using the beta.

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          Jeff Schewe Community Member

          You really don't want Time Machine to be backing up Lightroom databases while running–Apple also suggests not backing up Aperture either. You should exclude LR from Time Machines...back up your images, but let LR handle it's own backup.

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            mr eric p Community Member

            Good to know... I used to turn time machine off every time I cracked Lightroom open... I thought I remembered this being a thing I didn't have to worry about anymore starting w/ v3? I just dug up the thread that convinced me:




            The safest option sounds like just excluding my catalog file manually in the TM pref pane, but perhaps it's a bug that LR4 isn't excluding the catalog itself while running, like LR3 did? I never excluded LR3 from my TM backups...which may have been unwise...but never ran into problems like this.