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    Backup problems


      I purchased a copy of Photoshop Elements 10 today, and I installed it on my computer (older dell, win xp 32-bit, sp3, 1 gb ram) and I have created a catalog.  However, I can't backup the catalog because I consistently get an error that says the program must close.  I have traced the error message and it says the problem is with the photoshopelements.exe file and the discwriter.dll file.  I can't find any solution to my problem, and I have tried new catalogs, optimization, repair, reconnect, uninstall and reinstall.....all the things one would normally think of.  I have searched my computer for that discwriter.dll file, and the only place it appears is the photoshop elements directory, so I know it cant be caused by another program (by the way, I also went to msconfig and turned off all the startup programs and services to ensure there was not a conflict).  I have tried registry cleaning programs, anitvirus, antimalware, antispyware; those did nothing.  I don't know what else to try.


      I just want to keep the pictures of my kids safe, and need to back them up.  I would hate to find out I wasted my money on a program that wont work.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.