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    Expired acsm file


      Starting Friday, when attempting to download books from my local public library, I started receiving an Overdrive error message stating, "Expired ACSM file. Please refresh the web page you downloaded this title from and try again. (error code 1069)."


      I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 and have not had a problem like this before.


      I've searched the web and have done the following:


      1. Double-checked my time zone, time and date on my device;
      2. Uinstalled and reinstalled Overdrive; and
      3. Deactivated and reactived my Adobe ID.


      None of these have worked. Any idea what to do? Thanks in advance.

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          I've seen several messages about problems like this with library downloads

          in the past two weeks.  I'm beginning to suspect that Overdrive issued an

          update to their software that libraries are installing now.


          IF - and I mean 'if' - your time settings on your computer are correct, AND

          they have not changed since you tried to download your ebook from the

          library, THEN something changed on the library's end of things (notice that

          the syntax is the same as a programmer would use).  Since you're getting an

          Overdrive error message, there's nothing that you can do with ADE to 'fix'

          the 'problem'.  I'd go back to the library technical support and talk with



          Hope this helps!