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    preferred capture format?


      i was capturing footage from my D8 camcorder via IEEE, but it is starting to give me trouble

      i am looking at an external company to capture my footage

      when i capture, i get an AVI file

      what format do i want them to create for me to use in PE 10?




      PS my Beta decks don't function anymore either

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Digital8 should capture right into Premiere Elements! I'm not sure why you're having trouble.


          But if your service bureau captures the video over a FireWire connection, they should be able to deliver it to you as DV-AVIs.


          In fact, INSIST on it. Don't let them give you a DVD or an AVI other than DV.


          Meantime, have you looked into a free program called WinDV? It also will capture your miniDV or Digital8 as DV-AVIs, and it can be less challenging than Premiere Elements.

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            Iamnotno6 Level 1

            after 40 tapes my camcorder stopped playing my tapes (PE 10 was fine)

            i don't think it is worth trying to get another used camera at this point, so i am looking for alternatives

            i also have some Beta tapes & would need a capture card, another 1-time expense, so i am looking at using an external service (if cost effective)




            i will probably have to loan them 1 1TB HD to put the files on