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    Including files/resources using the ADT command line

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      Hi all,


      I'm trying to get file support into my ADT helper tool before I release an update.  I am still having problems.

      According to the Adobe docs on the subject, the following commands can be used:

      -C "path/to/new/working/directory" [files and folders to include]
      -e [files and folders to include] [package directory to add these to]


      The following example works fine for me:


      // This changes the working directory to my audio resources folder, and then packages the file 'track.mp3' into the root folder of my application package.
      -C "C:\\resources\audio" "track.mp3" 


      Hoiwever using -e option in any way generates an error:


      // This copies the file 'sfx.mp3' from the current working directory to the application package subdirectory 'lib'
      -e sfx.mp3 lib


      This also causes an error:


      // Change the working directory to resources/audio and then copy the file called 'sfx.mp3' to the 'lib' subfolder of the application package. Error.
      -C "C:\\resources\audio" -e sfx.mp3 lib


      The error in both cases is:

      File does not exist: sfx.mp3


      Any ideas how I can use the -e option?  Does the working directory not come in to it - do i always have to use an absolute path to my file?


      Thanks in advance,