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    Elements 9



      Can anyone help me please?   I have had a nightmare few months with the computer and then to cap it all 2 external hard drives died.  One my photos storage drive plus a back-up.    I have managed to salvage my photos eventually but when I now open Elements browser page in Folder View all my folders are listed down the left hand side of the screen and when I click on any one of them the folder name that appears at the top of the browser screen doesn't match it, it will have a different folder name.   I have tried deleting the thumbnails and then locating them and reinstating them but it puts them elsewhere.   

      Part of the confusion I think is because the original photos were on a drive named F:/ and my photos are now stored on a brand new drive also labelled F:/.     I don't understand how the two folder names(i.e. at side list and top of browser screen) don't match.     Any ideas anyone please?


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          photodrawken Level 5

          Have you tried File...Reconnect...All Missing Files and pointing the reconnection dialog to your new F: drive?



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            Annsbeads Level 1

            Thanks, I hadn't tried that - now I feel dumb!   Part of problem was retrieved photos came with a back-up number not a file name!    I have now sorted it though by deleting the thumbnails from the previous drive and then when importing from the new drive it has sorted itself out.   It was weird though when I clicked on one folder and another folder's thumbnails came up, with yet a different folder name at top of panel.     Ann