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    Trying to get simple Help at this Hell Hole.....


      Excuise the frustration, but the cycle and attempt to get simple help here is almost impossable.

      My three questions I think are simple...but I can't find the support to get the answers.  The questions are:


      1.  I’m using Windows 7 professional it’s 64 bit…do I need to install the 32 bit CS5 as well?

      2.  I downloaded from the web CS5 do I need to keep in my computer the 1.69 Gig folder “Adobe CS5.1” which contains Photoshop CS5.1 Read Me and Adobe CS5.1, which has the exe file on it… or can I put it on a DVD?   Would I have to do anything special to reinstall (if I ever needed to) with the DVD?

      3.  Now that everything is downloaded and installed do I need to keep Akamai_NetSession_Installer in my computer or may I uninstall and delete it?


      Now that I've asked the question I have no instruction, or idea of where I go to get an answer if one is ever posted.  This appears to me to be a very poor way to run a business...