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    Oracle JDBC not supported by Adobe


      Our Coldfusion application periodically goes down, usually we’ll get an assortment of warnings from server.log like the ones below:


      "Warning","jrpp-15828","03/05/12","04:38:17",,"Thread: jrpp-15828, processing template: /usr1/ webroot/line.cfm, completed in 866 seconds, exceeding the 45 second warning limit"


      Several of these messages will appear and sometimes CF will remain stable and sometimes it won’t.


      I have opened a ticket with Adobe and sent them all of my logs, thread dumps and system configuration. At this point they have indicated that the Oracle JDBC driver that I’m using isn’t supported by Adobe and I should switch back to the Oracle/Coldfusion driver that is supported. It so happens that we had issues using that driver as well. I wanted to know if Adobe would support a native Oracle 11g client for this application. It’s quite to receive answers from Adobe support for Coldfusion.


      Have you ever encountered this situation before? Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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          carl type3 Level 4

          A non-SQL error occurred while requesting a connection from JDBC_DSN.

          Timed out trying to establish connection


          Error [jrpp-nnnn] - Error Executing Database Query.Timed out trying to establish connection The specific sequence of files included or processed is: \filepath\index.cfm, line: nn


          I have seen errors as above when using JDBC Microsoft SQL database connections (I do not use Oracle). It turned out the CF Java was having heap size or garbage collection problems. Once the CF Java problems were resolved via some JVM tuning the JDBC errors did not re-occur.


          HTH, Carl.

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            rdancy Level 1

            Thanks Carl, I am going to try Oracle 11g R1 client and see if that makes a difference.