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    Adobe Page 1 Problem


      I've searched through the forums and found similar problems but none of the answers helped me. I don't want my first page to have a number on the right hand corner but I want every subsequent page to have the numbers. I've tried to manually control this with the "Insert Header" function and mess with the check box that allows the first page to be different but nothing seems to work. Either checking the box does nothing, or takes away the numbers entirely. Anything I can do?

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          Ayushi_Agarwal Level 1

          You can apply a different header for first page of the document by selecting page 1 in story and then apply header you want for first page only from " Production -> Insert header... " selecting "Insert a different header on first page of the document".


          But when your document has a title page it is treated as the first page of the document. We have a bug for that and our development team is looking into it.

          I will update you whenever the fix for this bug will be available in our release.



          Ayushi - Story Team