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    Pasting photos into another picture frame

    march67 Level 1

      I have been struggling with this and I know there has to be a way to do it.

      I am a quark convert, but one thing I ALWAYS did in quark, but cant figure out how to do in ID is to copy/paste a photo from one frame into another - but have it be exactly scaled and cropped like it originally was (retain its crop and its scaling).


      Example: I have a row of 5 rectangular pictures that are all the same size. I have scaled and cropped each photo exactly how I want them inside their frames. However, now I need to take the picture from the first slot and exchange it with a pic in the last slot. In quark I can just copy pic one, click on pic 5 and paste it in. It retains the exact cropping and scaling as it originally did when it was in the first slot.


      In ID, first i need to DELETE the photo out of slot 5 (ID does not seem to want to replace pics, it has to be empty, but thats another story). Now that slot 5 is empty, I copy the picture out of slot 1, but when I Paste Inside of slot 5 it loses its original cropping and scaling so I have to do it all over again.


      There must be some setting I need to change or something. This seems like a lot of extra steps to just switch out existing photos.


      Any advice or suggestions?