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    default printer problems with adobe 10.1.2


      I was having problems printing PDFs since upgrading to 10.1.2.  After reading and trying many recommendations, I happened to notice that my default printer(I have only one printer) was listed twice on the print window.  The first (default) printer is spelled "HP PSC 2350 series" (upper case 'PSC')  The second is "HP psc 2350 series" (lower case 'psc') .  The printer is named 'HP psc 2350 series' in my printers and devices, and if I select this printer, the page will print perfectly.  Now that I have solved my printing issue,  I would like to change the default setting on the adobe print window to come up as the active link, so I don't have to continue to select a different printer everytime I wish to print a document.  The printer by the lower case "psc" name is set as the default printer in printers and devices, and I cannot figure out why it doesn't come up as the default printer on the adobe reader print window.  I also cannot figure out how to change the default in the print window.   An added interesting fact is that I get no response in the print window when I try to select "preferences' or 'advanced' for the upper case 'PSC' printer.


      My computer runs in Windows 7 (64-bit).  The printer is HP psc 2355xi all-in-one.  Any suggestions are much appreciated