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    Using Digidesign Digi002 or Digi002R with Audition 3.0, monitoring problem

    nudomi Level 1

      Hi.... I'm running into problem with Audition 3.0, attempting to incorporate a Digidesign Digi002R interface.   I have the standalone Digidesign audio drivers loaded (tried both 7.4 and 8.0), and have the ASIO Digidesign Driver selected in the Audio Hardware setup for all three ops - Edit, Multitrack, and Surround.  Can play back files just fine.  Attempting to record, however, produces no real-time audio.  I can see that I'm recording (real-time waveform activity on the recorded track), and can play back the resulting waveform, but get no real-time audio monitoring while actually recording, (nor when the track is record-armed but not actually recording).  I've tried ASIO4ALL to no avail.  Have tried all relevant outputs on the Digi002R.  Sounds great in playback mode... I'd really like to use this beast to record.  But monitoring signal is not present, in spite of the how-to for monitoring instructions in the Digi user manual (which is really ProTools specific).  Switching to Audition 3.0 Windows Sound switches the available I/O ports only to the Realtek onboard soundcard in the motherboard, which would be decidedly inferior to use for recording (and only has 3.5mm inputs/outputs anyway).  I admittedly have not patched them up yet. Marrying the ProTools interface to Audition 3.0 apparently is dicey in some cases, but I've read about others' success and can't seem to locate the trouble.  Ideas?


      Windows XP-SP3, Intel Core 2 Quad, 4gb RAM  (Audition 3.0.1 patch installed)

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          SteveG(AudioMasters) Adobe Community Professional

          Well, a lack of monitoring is definitely the province of the sound device, and not Audition. In fact, to test the settings shouldn't require any audio software other than the Digi driver running at all. What's actually missing is the internal link between whatever input you are using and the Digi monitor output. On most sound device apps that's a separate input into the output mixer, or somewhere you have to put a check in a box to enable the monitor output feed. Last time I heard, there were separate ASIO drivers for ProTools and 'other' software - are you sure that it's the correct one you are using?

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            nudomi Level 1

            Hey Steve, thanks for the reply.


            I do in fact have the correct drivers for the Digi002R.  Digidesign makes a standalone driver available for third-party audio apps, and that's the one I have loaded.


            Upon further investigation, I found some of the problem was due to pilot error (oh, what a surprise, right?).  I've been a user of Audition since the days of CEP 1.0, up thru CEP 2.1, then to Aud 1 and 1.5.  When I recently switched to Aud 3.0, I had a brain-freeze and forgot to check where the monitoring function had been moved to, since other stuff has been shuffled around.


            That said...


            In Edit View, under Options, the Record Monitor (F10 shortcut) function was moved under Metering.  In Multitrack View, under Options, Monitoring is right there plain as day (doh!), with suboptions for either External or Audition Mix>>> Always Input or Smart Input.


            I find, however, that in Edit View, with Record Monitor enabled, the signal can indeed be monitored via the meter movement, *but* there is no audio signal present at the output.  In Multitrack View, it works just fine, albeit with slight latency.  (Pro Tools has a workaround - the "Low Latency" option - which allows direct monitoring of the signal "in the box" on outputs 1/2 without the round trip to the computer, but of course in third-party apps this is not available.)


            So.... with correct drivers loaded and the pilot error solved, I'm very curious as to why monitoring works in Multitrack View but not in Edit View.  It's not a deal breaker - one can always just record in Multitrack View and jump back to Edit View as needed - but it would be nice to get this little bugaboo figured out.  It may well be an idiosyncrosy in using the Digi002R unit with Aud 3.  Really a great-sounding interface, in any case (I see online that there are many fans of the 002).

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              SteveG(AudioMasters) Adobe Community Professional

              I very much get the impression that there are more fans of the device than there are fans of the drivers for it...


              Essentially you are using the Audition version of PT low-latency monitoring - ie, the signal gets fed into Audition and fed out again, and it's the fed out again version you're listening to. This option simply isn't available in Edit view, which is, accordingly, why it won't work...


              So yes you have a workaround - but you haven't actually fixed the problem with the sound device, unfortunately - which is what you'd have to do to be able to monitor the input in Edit view

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                Hi Steve -


                It's two years later.. hope this thread is still open.  One of the biggest problems I had trying to use Aud 3 with the PT Digi (not really a problem per se) is that there was no way to set up zero-latency monitoring on the Digi 002R (the rack version of 002 table top model), without using a software switch provided for that purpose within PT. As such, I was experiencing noticeable delay (slapback echo, so to speak) when recording with Aud3.0 through this device.  I suspect this monitoring issue is a gotcha for a lot of people using the popular interface.  Conversely, with my MOTU 828, I can use the MOTU interface application to set up routing in the box, etc, thus my monitoring path is real time, quite aside from what is routed into the recording app on the computer.


                Anyway, once again to refresh, I'm using the current third-party drivers for the Digi 002R, and I've also tried ASIO4ALL, but there is no option to get at that zero-latency setup on the Digi.


                So...a question before I upgrade to CS6... just wondering if any development further work has been done within Audition to accomodate monitoring issues like this, on fairly well-known hardware platforms such as the Digi 002 and 002R?  I do realize this is not Adobe's responsibility.


                Thanks, Steve.

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                  SteveG(AudioMasters) Adobe Community Professional

                  Nothing's altered from this POV and I don't think it ever will. Audition has always steered clear of anything other than a generic relationship with sound devices and their drivers, regarding things like monitoring issues as something that the manufacturers should deal with, and quite rightly so. The reason that PT has this link is that it's owned by the same firm that makes the hardware, and it's also very, very likely that they haven't made the details public. It's in the extreme interest of both divisions of the firm not to do so, so that you are tempted to use their iffy hardware and rather restricted software together...