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    Where is the manual?


      I am trying to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop Touch and I would like to know if there is a manual for it so I can find the answers to my questions.

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          thtleung Helper

          No manual. You may have to find information on Photoshop and pick the parts that are relevant.  After all Touch is a subset of PS.

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            jbphotog Newcomer

            In the same boat..need online manual please.

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              Warunicorn Rockstar

              The first thing I would suggest to anyone new to PS Touch would be to just find time and sit down with the app. Explore and test on a sample image. Be patient. This is probably one of the most powerful apps of its kind; you can't expect to master it right away.


              If you have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements and you are familiar with either/both, you've got a good head start as far as the basics go. (We're all familiar with layers, for example.) The included tutorials also give a good idea on where to find what tools/commands when you want or need them.

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                Luanne Seymour Champion

                I have a question for this community. What kind of learning information would you find most useful? Some people are requesting an online manual. Some prefer to ask questions here in the forum. Some like to use the video tutorials. For many, the in-app tutorials are plenty. What do you think?


                Thanks for your input.



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                  thtleung Helper

                  For me a manual is a good start to check out available functions.  The video tutorials are useful in showing techniques and demonstrating effects.  The forum is the go-to place for questions users come across - i.e. real life cases.

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                    jbphotog Newcomer

                    I like a manual in hand so not having to keep hitting the web for answers even though that resource is great.  Visual tutorials are great too but a manual, a good manual, is what I prefer.

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                      jbphotog Newcomer

                      I am familiar with three photo altering programs but PST is my first photoshop experience.  I never could master the layering thing but one post here has given me hope I may be able to use it.


                      Layering.  It simply brings to mind you have more than one image then blend them but I keep getting unwanted results from total cover up to loss of the photo.


                      I shall keep trying.

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                        Saskatchewanobie Helper

                        Luanne Seymour wrote:


                        I have a question for this community. What kind of learning information would you find most useful? Some people are requesting an online manual. Some prefer to ask questions here in the forum. Some like to use the video tutorials. For many, the in-app tutorials are plenty. What do you think?


                        Thanks for your input.





                        I'm very satisfied with these forums and no manual. I've gotten direct answers here from those who have discovered the workings of this program. I have worked with Photoshop extended for over 15 years and it does not work by 'touch' - so getting things to react has been the biggest puzzle for me. Anyone who needs to learn photoshop can just get PS Elements or Full Version and have it all including manuals in PDF format.


                        The real key for me is that these forums are alive and well.



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                          Luanne Seymour Champion

                          These are all good answers to my question. I just want to double check something. It sounds like some people are saying that they like manuals because they provide a good overview of the tools and features of the product. Do any of you have some excellent examples of online manuals that you use for tablet apps?




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                            jbphotog Newcomer

                            The only user guide for the iPad is on line.  I got it from the app store and now it sits as my only book under that menu icon.


                            Forums can be good for items left out or not made clear in a manual.  So many of them are written with the broad audience of readers in mind assuming way to much that the user already knows a bunch.


                            A good manual writer for consumer electronics should write it with the possibility that the user has no experience with technology and unfortunately what one term in tech speak can be another term for a different brand of the same type device.


                            The problems I've had with forums sometimes is the one replying reads the question wrong (especially with very complicated procedures) and too assumes too much about the problem which can lead to them totally misunderstanding the asker's problem.  It's all about communication.


                            I try to give help politely where I can with the many products I use in music, computing, video, and photography, but I have also found some very insulting so called helpers out there who take it upon themselves to express aggravation that I may be taking up time on a forum with a basic question they feel is too low level for what they seem to perceive as their personal forum.


                            I am having a very tough time getting layers to work with my PhotoShop Touch.  Total failure at present, but I won't give up.


                            On another forum I have an extremely simple interface question...no replies.  But, I have had some great success in getting answers from nice people, including moderators to getting things to work.

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                              Kade Jones

                              Good examples of online manuals for popular apps are:


                              Kindle app. acess help from the menu and it takes you straight to Amazon's site with all the how to's and troubleshooting you need.


                              Also, Google Earth is another easy access to simple instructions and functions.

                              I of course mention these big names because Adobe is in the same division as Google and Amazon when it comes to being hugely successful and recognisable. With a fantastic (and reletively complex) product like PS Touch, it deserves some attention to detail such as the inclusion of a manual.


                              Personally, i am new to Photoshop from another program having recently got myself an android tablet with your product pre installed. I am impressed so far, but would appreciate an easily accessable set of instructions to go hand in hand with this community. (Btw, i'm looking for help with resizing my pictures while retaining the full image. It isn't included in the tutorials).




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                                ibarrien Champion



                                When it comes to resize - what exactly do you mean by retaining the full image?

                                If you want to resize an image there's the Image size under the & (sign at the upper bar) which changes the size of the image (all layers).and menu.png


                                If you want to change the size of image data on a specific layer you can use a selection and Transform (the cross icon on the upper bar).






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                                  Warunicorn Rockstar

                                  I'm kind of an Adobe Acrobat guy myself; I may want to look up something but not have access to the Internet. I wouldn't mind a PS Touch manual in Acrobat format. I could then reference it right it on my tablet (via Adobe's own Acrobat app for mobile).


                                  To those mystified about layers: Think of them as tracing paper, layered one right on top of another. There is a hierarchy. The top layer (in the column) is the most visible, where the bottom is the least visible. The factors that determine visibility in that hierarchy are blending modes (e.g., Multiply, Screen, etc.) and opacity as well as other effects like fades. Again, experimentation is key. Start with just a few layers.

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                                    I have spent the better part of my day today using the app, I can figure most things out, even managed to edit several images, now, if I could just find them somewhere in my files (Kindle Fire HD), I'd be relatively happy.  Does anyone have a clue where they might be stored?  I have used ES Explorer, search, and WiFi File Explorer but they are hidden somewhere, not in the obvious places and cannot locate them.  Since I couldn't give tem a name, all of them are titled "untitled1   untitled 2, etc, in the space where the app shows "projects." 

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                                      thtleung Helper

                                      Not sure where the project files are stored.  However if you want to use the retouched image in another app you'll need to export it as a JPG.  The exported file can be found in /Pictures/Adobe Photoshop Touch/.


                                      BTW you can change the project name.  Just tap on the project name ('Untitled' etc.) and a dialogue will come up allowing you to change the name.

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                                        Warunicorn Rockstar

                                        In addition to what thtleung said, you also have the option of exporting any projects that reside on your tablet to Creative Cloud. You can export them in PSDX format (PS Touch's native file format) to preserve layers, etc. in the event you have to format your tablet.

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                                          ehj31@verizon.net Newcomer

                                          I'm impatient with trial and error when i know that if i had a manual (online or dead tree) with a index or search function  i could get my answer a lot quicker.  and listening to "tutorials" that are nothing but compensated "celebrities" praising their owners in upbeat generalities don't cut it. i've been working with PS since v.2.5, been teaching it for 12 yrs, but my videos are pausable step by steps with print-out(able) docs. on the positive side i do like the onboard interactive tutorials build into the app but they still the don't replace a manual for $9.99 i shouldn't expect a lot of extras, yes?

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                                            Warunicorn Rockstar

                                            To be honest, you know how Photoshop's paradigm works so you have a head start right there. I wouldn't get too comfortable with a manual; PS Touch has changed some since version 1.0. (It wasn't drastic but definitely enough that it might confuse users who have a 1.3 manual and are using version 1.5.)