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    recolor dialog box, setting global/non global and copy drag new color

    bluefire777 Level 1

      I`d like to be able to copy drag one of the new color swatches in the recolor dialogue to another swatch place in the vertical column, say by alt dragging.


      And likewise, copy drag a current color to a newly added, empty current color row.


      I`d also like to be able to set the new color to global or non global in the colorize method drop down beside the new swatch. When exiting or saving the colour group, the global and non global settings would be updated in the swatches palette for each colour swatch added. so global/nonglobal changes are being communicated to the swatches palette.


      Any selected pre-existing objects that have a new colour applied as global, would be linked to that global colour via the swatches palette once the colour group is saved. Any selected objects with current global colours that have new non global colours applied would have that link severed.



      the recolorize method.


      .Apply to all

      .Preserve spot colors

      .Global or non-global tickbox. (new option suggestion)




      In the EDIT section of recolor, If I choose to  "keep colours LINKED" (thereby maintaining HSB relative relationships between colours) I shift the HSB of a selection of objects of various tints which are all based off a global swatch, by dragging around any colour marker. Once I exit the recolor dialog, that link to the global swatch in the swatches palette has been severed.



      can we have an option to preserve that global link to the master swatch in the swatches palette, (which all those objects tints were initially based off). Since in edit colour I am only shifting the hue/sat/value, but have maintained the LINK option in the edit, meaning the relationships of each objects colour to the next is maintained. Thus its logical I would probably want to maintain the global swatch in the swatches palette.


      ( I understand if I had chosen not to LINK the colour markers prior to shifting the colours on the colour wheel, it would not be possible to maintain a link to the global swatch for all those objects since the relative relationships would be different). So the tickbox option to "keep global link" would only appear in the recolor or edit dialog face if LINK was chosen prior to shifting the colour wheel).