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    Updating email address for contacts

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      I was under the impression that when the 'Your ID' field in the contacts import has a value that it would act as the unique identifier and this would enable us to update/change an email address for a contact.


      The notes supplied with the import template state:


      If your organization uses its own unique identification number to differentiate between customers then use the Your ID column. If a value is present in this column then it will serve as the unique identifier. This means if the contact was previously imported and it is being re-imported then his or her details are updated, otherwise a new contact record is created regardless of whether a similar contact already exists in the system.


      However when I queried this with Support I was informed that: The email address is the unique identifier, not the external ID. The external ID is for your own methods such as tracking customers and is not necessarily used in the system.


      I was also told that you cannot update email addresses via an import. You will have to modify the email via the customer details page. Otherwise, you will need to delete the contact


      This can be a very time consuming process when there are thousands of contacts.


      Am I alone here in thinking this is conflicting information and that the information on the import template is misleading?


      I would be interested to hear from other users on how they interpret this.





      Both serve as a unique identifier... The system does not allow the same email address for a different record under any circumstances


      And you can not update the email address via import...