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    Camera Raw 7.0 for Photoshop CS5 to be compatible with Lightroom 4?


      When I try to open an image from LR4 in Photoshop CS5 I get a message asking me to download Camera Raw 7.0.  This is not on the Adobe web site.  When will it be available?


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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Probaly available with CS6.


          Raw images are usually opened as PSD or tiff with Lightroom develop settings.


          Are you able to do the pixel editing you need in CS5?





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            f00sion Level 1

            ACR 6.7 RC is available and will process LR4 images.

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              bruichladdich Level 1

              Thank you.  I have downloaded Camera Raw 6.7 and can open images in Photoshop CS5 as indeed I could with version 6.6.  The question is whether to obtain advantage of the LR4 improvements in CS5, Camera Raw 7.0 is required.  I apologise for not making this clear in my earlier post.

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                f00sion Level 1

                6.7 RC is fine. So far as I can tell, when you open the images in CS5, they look exactly the same as when they left LR4.


                With 6.6, if you wanted to edit with LR4 adjustments, you needed LR4 to render the image.  That isn't required with 6.7 (although the warnings in LR4 say you need 7.0).  6.7 has the old sliders rather than the revised LR4 sliders, but that doesn't matter if you start with LR4

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                  DdeGannes Adobe Community Professional

                  ACR 7 will be available for use in PS CS6, only then will it work with the the new Process Version 2012. Updating to LR 4.x or PS CS6 will be necessary for the new functions.

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                    f00sion Level 1

                    Make some obvious change in LR4.  Edit in CS5 using "edit with a copy of LR adjustments."  See if the change shows up in CS5.


                    Now install 6.7 and do the same thing.

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                      b2martin_a Level 2

                      I understand that ACR 6.7 will open RAW files that were edited in Lightroom 4 with process PV2012 and use PV2012 in ACR 6.7 to open them, but you can't make any changes to any of the PV2012 sliders in ACR 6.7.  This just allows compatibility between Lightroom 4 edited images with PV2012 and CS5.  We will have to wait for CS6 and ACR 7 for full control  of Lightroom 4 PV2012 images with ACR. 

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                        f00sion Level 1

                        Out of curiosity, what difference does it make if you edit ACR functions in ACR or LR? What can you do in ACR that you can't do in LR? 


                        I sometimes think of LR as an alternate front-end to CS5. YMMV.

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                          geb01 Level 1

                          Actually it won't.  See related discussion Adobe just moved to this forum

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                            f00sion Level 1

                            It's working for many people, including me - see that thread.

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                              eswrite Level 1

                              Out of curiosity, what difference does it make if you edit ACR functions in ACR or LR? What can you do in ACR that you can't do in LR? 


                              I sometimes think of LR as an alternate front-end to CS5. YMMV.


                              No, they're different tools with vastly different and complementary capabilities, unless you use them only for minor tweaks. Why would you want the same ACR capability in CS5 as you have in LR? Check into "Open as smart object" -- I do this sometimes to bring in a fully editable RAW into CS5 so I can continue to operate on it at the RAW level. You can duplicate the layer, apply ACR to the duplicate (which also modifies the first layer), rasterize the duplicate when you're done. Then you go back to the background/first layer, set it back or change it some more with ACR, rasterize it, and with layer masks you can select which parts of each edit you want to show through on the final composite image.


                              I typically do this a lot for exposures that have too much dynamic range: one layer with negative EC, another with positive EC + fill (if needed), then composite the two to get a more balanced exposure. With the Adjustment brush's updates in LR4, you can do most of this now there (Shadow recovery in the Adjustment Brush is huge!), but that is using circular areas, which aren't always practical. Think of an irregular, jagged edge area that is in shadows: that's a lot of little and big brush circles to get the job done in LR4, where a mask in CS5 is far more practical and powerful.

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                                f00sion Level 1

                                Aha!  I was thinking of the compatability of LR with CS5, or ACR as a front-end to CS5, not using ACR within CS5.


                                The new improved highlights and shadows sliders in LR4 are very nice for dealing with excessive dynamic range (just bring down highlights rather than brushing in reduced exposure).


                                LR could use better masking, although the adjustment brush does a pretty good job of detecting irregular edges.

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                                  My images are not looking the same coming from LR4 to CS5 Screen shot 2012-03-24 at 2.52.10 PM.png


                                  why is this? I have the most current camera raw settings....It also tells me upon import that I need 7.0 is this the reason why?

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                                    ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                    Process Version 2012 is new to LR4 and is the default for newly imported images.  If you choose Open Anyway, on the way to PS-CS5 using ACR 6.6 or less, the PV2012 adjustments aren’t understood, so you won’t see the same thing.  One way around this situation is to set your new images to PV2010 (in the Camera Calibration area or Settings / Process Version) and then things should look the same.  The other thing that was supposed to work is installing the ACR 6.7 RC available from Adobe Labs and it knows how to render PV2012 adjustments so in theory things should look the same; however, there are some bugs in the ACR 6.7 RC rendering and some things will still look a little different.  Finally, you can also install the PS-CS6-ACR7 beta from Adobe Labs and it knows PV2012, also.  Of course you’ll need to buy it, eventually, when it is out of beta for this to continue working.  When the RC2 or release version of ACR 6.7 comes out, the bugs should be fixed so that will be the more permanent solution for people who don’t want to upgrade to CS6.

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                                      Brett N Adobe Employee

                                      Install Adobe Camera Raw 6.7 for compatability between Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 4.


                                      Windows: http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=5375

                                      Mac: http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=5370