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    HD video Playback, PE10 for Mac

    bsangeormi Level 1

      I'm unable to edit HD video from my GoPro on my Mac, OSX 10.6.8, i5 with 4GB.

      I can drag the video file to the sceneline or timeline, but when I try to play it in the monitor window, the sound plays and the video just stutters.

      I upgraded to PE 10 and the Mac Last spring, but I can't edit any HD video so it's useless???



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          Nash_John Level 3

          Make sure that your project settings match your clips specifications and your timeline is rendered.

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            bsangeormi Level 1

            John, I'm not sure about matching project settings, but I tried rendering before editing and it didn't make any difference.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Go Pro video isn't really designed to be edited, and Premiere Elements often struggles with it.


              But Bill Hunt has some hints for building a somewhat workable workflow.


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                bsangeormi Level 1

                Thanks Steve, I'll check that out.  There are so many edited GoPro videos out there, I wonder what software people are using???  I upgraded from PE 8 on my old PC to PE 10 on a newer Mac Book Pro hoping that I could edit HD.  It's been very frustrating.


                BTW, I also tried making a time lapse from GoPro still images, with no luck either.  (your book didn't tell how to do that? I know that's another thread)


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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Normally, the footage from many Go-Pro cameras can be edited in PrE, or PrPro.


                  With the HD material (AVCHD, or any flavor of H.264), however, the CPU's power is very, very important for smooth playback. An i7 CPU is recommended for smoothest playback, but some have gotten by with a Quad-core CPU.


                  Good luck,



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                    bsangeormi Level 1

                    I can edit my old GoPro, but not the Hero2 HD.  My Mac Book Pro has an i5, dual core, 4 GB.  It's not even a matter of 'smoothest' playback - it's just dead in the water.   I just ran the cineform software to repackage the footage (late last night), but didn't get a chance to try editing it yet.  I'll follow up.





                    As a follow-up:

                    After running the GoPro footage through the Cineform Studio to 'repackage' the mp4, I am able to edit the HD stuff.  It's jittery, but I can do it.  There are no project presets that match the 1280x960 default GoPro format, and Adobe tells me that I cannot create a custom format in PE10.  My Mac is not even two years old, so it's disappointing that I need more horsepower.


                    Thanks to Steve, and Bill Hunt, and Gonza for pointing me in the right direction.