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    Adobe Media Encoder stopped working


      Forgive me but I can't find the Creative Suite CS4 so I post here. I had a completed project that I wanted to export to *.avi. Clicking on export function I got a white screen. Tried to reinstall but as you know it doesn't install on its own so I reinstalled After Effects CS4 and Flash Professional. Run the updater and tried again. No luck. Please help me I have no idea what else to do.

      Would an unintall-reinstall help or is there a simpler solution.

      My computer is: Mesh with processor: E8500@3.16GHz, 3.17 GHz

      4.00 Gb Memory

      64-bit Op system

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          Aditionally, I tried to render out a test clip in After Effects CS4.2.xx and it worked. Also, when attempt exporting with PP CS4,2 AME loads and on completion get the White Screen plus the notification that AME stopped working, on closing the screen AME loads again and get the dreaded white screen.


          Please somebody out there help.

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            BaughanPro Community Member



            Had the same problem since the last update CS5 5.03. When exporting from Premiere CS5 to AME (Adobe Media Encoder), the encoder hung up while loading "ImporterRED.prm".


            Trying to start Media Encoder by itself also hung up when loading the same codec.


            Solution: Find the files "ImporterRED.prm" (I found 3) in your Adobe program files and rename or delete them. BAM. AME starts.


            Another general fix that I'll add here is that the Premiere "prefs" file gets currupted every once in a while and last year for me, stopped AME from loading.

            Find and delete this file (User(you)\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Premiere Pro\5.0 (or whatever version)\Adobe Premiere Pro Prefs) or hold shift+ctrl+alt while starting the program to reset it. Here's more info



            Sucks when it takes 2 hours to edit a project and 2 more fix AME.

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              I am running CS4.2 under Windows Vista Home Premium. I couldn't even find ImporterRED.PRM file. The shift+ctrl+alt didn't work either.

              But thank you very much for trying. We newbies rely on our experienced colleagues.

              Many Thanks

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                I also tried deleting the file 4.0 as suggested in the Genesis Report. Again on "Exporting" got the white screen: AME stopped working then the pop-up "Windoews is looking for a solution". Do one thinks that a complete re-install is the only solution??

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                  BaughanPro Community Member



                  Start AME directly (Adobe Media Encoder.exe) and see which codec is being loaded when it hangs up and before the screen goes white. Then delete that codec.

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                    Thanks. AME stops at Windows Media. I found a folder called Windows Media Player. Should I delete the whole folder or just something inside it? Also when attempted it said I need "permission" for this action. I think it need to run as Administrator. Could you tell me where do I need to change to Administrator status

                    Many thanks for your kind help.

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                      Dear BaughanPro,

                      I the meanwhile I found some *.prm files and deleted them. I now managed to get AME to go further than Windows Media and now it stops at C:\user\"ME"\local\..\temp\video.prproj.

                      This project is no longer on the computer on any drive. What else now the lost soul asks?

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                        Harm Millaard Community Member



                        I replied to your PM.


                        First, I have been using CS5 and CS5.5 for what seems like ages, so my experience with CS4 is rather out-of-date, but I get the feeling that one or more AME modules is corrupt, so a repair install may be your best bet. If that does not solve it, even after having reset your preferences and plug-in cache, then my next suggestion is a fresh install. I have outlined the process in my PM.

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                          BaughanPro Community Member



                          Great. Looks like you fixed it and AME's looking for your original encoding request/ project. Start AME from Premiere and it should work, with your old video project displayed, where you can delete it.


                          The original problem was maybe that the windows media codecs were not updated, but your Adobe files were, making them incompatable. Updating anything in the middle of a project is a bad idea and is what happened to me with the RED codec.

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                            Unfortunately the old video project is not on the computer yet AME still ask for it. In answer to Harm, I have reinstalled AME twice already using After Effects because AME doesn't install on its own. How do I do a "clean" or repair install? It looks that this C:\users\thomas\uppdata\local\temp\video.prproj is embedded somewhere and AME not prepared to pass over it.

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                              Maybe give it what it wants? Try rename an existing project and put it there. Otherwise AME was not completely unistalled. For PC, use a resistry cleaner like the free CC cleaner. It might find and delete that resistry entry

                              I talked to an Adobe rep last year and he said that CS5.5 AME had a major overhaul after I complained about AME crashing and hanging so often. I have CS4 and CS5 AME and both are pretty flaky.

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                                Dear LevelPod, Tried your suggestion. No joy. Tell me, how do I do a clean reinstall. Do I need to take off the complete Adobe Creative Suite CS4 or only PPro CS4, Flash and AE. One more try and I will switch to some other vid editing system. I am really at the end of my patience with Adobe. (Considering the cost of this suite)

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                                  It sounds drastic but doing a clean install (search for anything that says adobe and delete it as there is an AME file lurking somewhere) will take a few hours while you're hopefully doing something else. Also update quicktime and windows media player.


                                  Going to another editing system will just give you another round of headaches. Complex programs all have issues.

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                                    Many thanks. On second thought you are absolutely right. I am fed up going down on learning curves. I did that all my life.

                                    A few hours of boring istallation pain is much better than have a different pain in the proverbial.

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                                      I have made a complete re-install of CS4. Used CCcleaner, checked leftover directories, used update to CS 4.2 AND Media Encoder still asking for C:\user|"ME"\....|temp\video.prproj that no longer exist.


                                      I have had it. Please anybody out there HELP


                                      Could Todd Kopriva give me some idea??

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                                        Yes Ann used Adobe's cleaner tool several times over and also run CCleaner several times to remove garbage from the registry. Also scanned computer to find video.prroj. It wasn't anywhere on any drive. Used disk cleaner, compacted C:\ drive, looked for remaining adobe folders. NOTHING DOING. On a "clean" reinstall AME still asked for video.prroj and stopped working. Got a white out screen and a popup that said that Windows stopped the program and it is looking for a solution. (I am not holding my breath)


                                        Any other idea welcom. No matter how silly it might be.

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                                          In the meanwhile I have reinstalled the lot. Then tried something different. Booted After Effects and imported a *.prroj into AE. Without any modification I clicked on Render, gave it an address and title and it went through withoput a hitch. Then used Encore I made a disk just to test the system all the way. It all worked. What conclusion can I draw? The Render engine of Adobe may be different for AE and PPro and the AE's works. I am at a complete loss.

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                                            I read that the cleaner tool didn't work. Premiere CS5 has the option of sending it to AME or encoding right from the timeline. Render times seem about the same.

                                            Must be your "dynamic link" that's broken. This crashes my system every time I touch the keyboard while it's making a copy of the project file for AME.

                                            I've also found that I need to reboot after editing with a complicated codec like h.264 before encoding if I don't want my system to hang.


                                            CS4 only lets you render one thing at a time anyway, so hopefully you have that option of encoding right from the timeline. Otherwise After Effects becomes your encoding engine until starting from scratch.