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    Flash Player for Windows Phone?


      What is the release date for Flash on Windows Phone? I heard the Mango version does not support flash. The latest official statement on the project was in 2010. Is there anything Flash, or Visual Studio developers can do to speed up this lengthy process?


      Kudos on the Unreal Engine

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          Robert Christensen

          Thanks for the question. Though we have publicly noted that we are collaborating with Microsoft on Windows Phone 7, we have not announced a specific timeline for when this will happen. I can confirm that Windows Phone 7.5 ("Mango") will not support Flash Player.


          Rob Christensen

          Group Product Mangaer, Flash Runtime Team

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            EdTechGuy Level 1

            i have never had an issue with an android phone try to update

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              The vagueness of your answer is not helpful when companies and organizations try to decide on content types to develop or support.  Choosing Adobe as a reliable third party was based on Adobe's commitment to be supported on major platforms in a timely manner.  The question remains; Will you port a flash player for the Windows Phone 7 in November, December, January 2012?  When?  We have been waiting a long time for an answer and this is no longer a marketing game.  We have real projects, budgets, and decisions to make.  Now be a real Group Product Manager and make a commitment.

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                Thank you for keeping the Windows Phone 7 users in the dark for so long.  You publicly announce that you are working with Microsoft to develop flash on WP7 and still nothing has been done.  HTML 5 is so far a joke, and I am really sick of waiting.  One of my reasons for purchasing a Windows Phone was due to the eventual addition of flash.  If no work is being done on this, and you never plan on releasing flash for Windows Phone 7, then PLEASE PUBLICLY ANNOUNCE SUCH A DECISION.  I have purchased Photoshop in the past....never again.  From now on, I will use GIMP.  Never will I EVER pruchase an Adobe product again.

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                  Gee guys you really lost touch with reality, and want to kill golden goose. Well, we have already examined the windows phone OS so it should not be a problem to build rouge version of flash player for this system. It shall not be as easy as, as cracking this pathetic secuity issue disallowing using nokia lumia as USB drive but not that much. If you dont want it well, free market will do it. We expect finishing the beta version about summer, so you have some time to catch up. If not well, we suspect 1 million of downloads first week. Call as criminalas, we just see good thing thrown away, and great customer need...

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                    I am looking for flash player lite for windows phone 6.5 HTC HD mini. I am unable to install the flash lite. Tried it several times. Sometimes it get installed without any confirmation like "installed successfully".


                    And not able to use it and while opening website in browser it shows need flash player.

                    So any one please suggest the best possible outcome.

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                      Shockelite Level 1

                      I have been waiting eagerly for a response from Adobe for too long. Due to lack of support I have come to the conclusion Flash will not be supported on the Windows Phone. I will not be returning to Adobe Flash player since it's not adapting to the mobile community. Goodbye.