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    No longer audio on .avi files when attempting to use Elements 9


      I have compiled 20 years of videos from family videos and converted them to .avi files.  I now want to edit these files into other smaller videos to give to my children.  I have Premiere Elements 9.  When I get one of these files using PE9 there is no longer audio on them. 


      There is audio if I play them on Windows Media Player but no audio on Quicktime Player. 


      I can edit in Windows Movie Maker but not in PE9.


      The Quicktime Player states the following:


      Format: Motion JPEG Open DML, 640 x 480, millions

      Movie FPS 29.97

      Playing FPS 29.97

      Data Size 1.94 gb

      Data Rate 8.67 mbits/sec


      Normal Size 640 x 480 pixels

      Current Size 640 x 480 pixels


      I have a Dell Inspiron 530, 4.0 gb RAM, 32- Bit Windows Vista system.  Plenty of Hard Drive availability.


      I purchased PE9 because I thought it would be superior to Windows Movie Maker.  Very frustrated.