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    Image Sequence question


      I created an Image Sequence in InDesign by bringing in about 50 .png files. I want to show the first image in the sequence when the page loads, so I checked "Show First Image Initially". I'm assuming that this makes the first image a "poster".


      The problem is that when I view my app in the Adobe Content Viewer and swipe through my images, the poster image shows up under my spinning object throughout the spin. I thought that it should disappear so that I can spin my object 360º without seeing the poster image underneath. How can I get the poster image to disappear when I swipe through my object?

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          Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

          Create a poster image that's the same size as the Image Sequence, but don't include it in the folder with the rest of the images. Place the poster image, select it, and create the Image Sequence overlay. Uncheck Show First Image Initially.

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            clarkhad Level 1



            I followed your directions by doing the following, but still get the same problem I described initially:


            1. I created a poster image that resides in another folder, separated from the image sequence assets.

            2. I placed the poster image in my InDesign document.

            3. I selected the poster image.

            4. I opened the Image Sequence panel, clicked on the "Load Images" folder, and loaded my image sequence assets.

            5. I ensured that "Show First Image Initially" was unchecked.


            When I preview my app in the Adobe Content Viewer, the poster image remains below my 360º image sequence as I swipe back and forth through the sequence. How can I get the poster image to disappear? Is it because I'm using .png files in order to have a transparent background vs. JPEG images?


            I absolutely need the 360º image to swipe with an alpha channel - no solid background. I'm assuming that if I used JPEGs instead, the solid background of the images would cover the poster image. Is there no way to create a 360º image sequence from .png images so that an alpha channel background will be included?

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              Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

              Yes, your poster is showing through the transparent background. Let me ask around to see if there's a workaround for posters with transparent overlays.

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                clarkhad Level 1

                Hi Bob,


                Have you been able to find out more about this issue? I'm hoping to use transparent images in many overlays.




                - clarkhad

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                  Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                  No, I haven't been able to figure out a way to include a poster with transparent images in an Image Sequence.

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                    Andrew Smith Level 2



                    The problem of the initial image still displaying behind an image sequence with alpha still hasn't been resolved.  Will this ever happen?


                    Also, when unchecking "Show First Image Initially" and choosing "Auto Play" an image sequence with alpha looks fine when viewing the article, however the thumbnail images in the browse mode and the table of contents do not show any image from the sequence, therefore looking like a big empty space.  Is there a workaround for this?



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                      Andrew Smith Level 2

                      Another bit of strangeness with image sequences: autoplaying shows the counter-clockwise rotation of my original rendered images, however when tapped once to stop and then tapped again to continue playing the image sequence the rotation is now clockwise (the reverse of the original direction).  This isn't a huge deal but it is odd. Double-tapping to reset the sequence makes the image disappear when "Show First Image Initially" is unchecked.

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                        Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                        What image format are you using for your image sequence files?

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                          I've been reading through the forums about transparent PNG image sequences and wondered if there is a fix yet so that the poster image does not display behind the image sequence? Thanks.

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                            Andrew Smith Level 2



                            I'm using After Effects to render out an RGB+Alpha PNG sequence.



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                              Has anyone found a solution to this issue yet? I'm having the same problem and have tried the same suggestions with no results. JPG files work fine. PNG are preferable though because of the transparent background. The image sequence itself works, but the poster image will not disappear and the sequence rotates over it. Or the poster image will not show at all.


                              Thanks for any help!


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                                mdc1313 Level 1

                                Hey Andrew -


                                You can upload a custom thumbnail for the page in question - I do that for pages that contain big areas of HTML content.

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                                  Andrew Smith Level 2



                                  I can see where to change the Table of Contents thumbnail, but I'm wanting to be able to change the tall "thumbnail" displayed in the browse mode where you can see the top part of the whole stack and the articles in relation to each other.  Do you know of a way to change this preview image?



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                                    mdc1313 Level 1

                                    Andrew, you do this in the online Folio Producer-Organizer. In the Folio Producer, select the folio containing the article in question. Click the "Open" button at top. Scroll until you find your article, and click to select it. In the info box at left, on the bottom is a link that allows you to upload a custom TOC image.

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                                      Tomek Kuczborski Level 4

                                      AFAIK you can't do it without disassembling the .folio and manually replacing images there.

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                                        ellipsis81_uk Level 1

                                        This is a follow up to an old problem/fix request...


                                        I was hoping V19 producer tools may have fixed the transparent PNG sequence issue where it leaves the inital image behind the rest of the images.


                                        Has anyone found a fix to this yet?



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                                          Florent_Romanet_SICPA Level 1

                                          Hi all


                                          and this is another follow up to the PNG sequence issue with the initial image showing up!


                                          I can not figure out why the bug is still here in v19 ?



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                                            I have struggled with this today, so this bug seems to be there still. I upgraded to last version today, prior to start working.

                                            Seems as I need to go back to jpgs to make this work..




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                                              Andrew Smith Level 2

                                              One way around this is to make an MSO with the first state being the first frame of your PNG sequence and the second state being the image sequence.  You set the MSO to autoplay with a short interval (0.125 secs), tell it to play 1 time and to stop at the last image.  If you want to edit the image sequence settings once you've put it into the MSO just select the state in the object states panel and double-click on the image sequence.  Image sequence options such as "Swipe to Change Image" should work normally.



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                                                Thanks for the tip, it is working well when you have some sequence that must go 360 automatically.

                                                For those interested, here are the settings for the MSO and the sequence.

                                                MSO-auto.png  SEQ-auto.png



                                                I wanted to use the same trick for an image sequence which is not automatically playing at launch but only when the user swipe it.

                                                In that case, your trick does not work (because of the autoplay) but I found differents settings for the MSO and the sequence to make it work, based on your original tip.


                                                Here are the settings for the MSO and sequence in that case.

                                                I did 2 settings for the sequence, the first setting plays the sequence in loop which allows to play directly with the sequence by swiping, but sometimes, it is quite difficult to stop the sequence exactly where you want (which is the same than with the original tip if you want to swipe the sequence when played):


                                                MSO-manual.png   SEQ-manual-loop.png


                                                The second setting only plays the sequence once. You then have a better control but once you have swipe the first time (where the sequence stops at the end), you have to swipe again to play with it (and then you can do whatever you want) :


                                                MSO-manual.png   SEQ-manual-swipe.png


                                                I know that this is not completely perfect but based on your use case, you can choose one way or the other to get the best effect.


                                                Hope you'll find this useful!