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    Scrolling Text is Rough


      I am new to Adobe Premiere Elements and am struggling to add some smooth scrolling titles with a plain black background.   It makes no difference whether I select any one of the text animation presets or the roll/crawll options.   To provide background and details for analysis, I have listed out some criteria and settings as below:-


      1. I am using Premier Elements V10.0
      2. The work area is rendered.
      3. My preferred output medium is a DVD for a HD PAL TV.   I have also tried other settings such as standard MPEG or WMF or AVI with zero difference.
      4. I have tried different combinations of project settings, my current is HDV 1080i at 25 frames/sec.   You would have thought that 25 frames/sec would scroll text smoothly.
      5. I have tried zooming in to the maximum possible at which point each frame is visible.   I can see the text moving on each frame, although would comment that the amount of movement seems rather a lot, which does make me wonder whether it is simply a function of 25 frames/sec.
      6. There is not a great deal of text, no more than 4 or 5 words over a 6 second timeframe, ideally scrolling across from left to right.   However, I am not terribly hung up about the type of scroll.
      7. I have kept to PAL based settings for both the project and output formats, not sure whether selecting something else might make a difference.
      8. Finally, I have tried changing the field options (none, Interlace consecutive frames, always deinterlace, flicker removal), again with no effect.


      I am sure this must be something very simply.   Any suggestions gratefully received.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          There is no such thing as a hi-def DVD. Even if you use hi-def video as your source, your video is only 720x576 -- roughly the equivalent of a 640x480 image.


          In other words, when you are watching it on your computer, if you're looking at it full-screen or even more than, say, 1/4 of your screen size, you're looking at it way beyond its resolution.


          DVD video is also interlaced while computer video is not. So DVD video tends to look line-y on a computer.


          Watch your DVD on your DVD, played from a standard DVD player, and it should look fine.


          Do not mess with field options, interlacing or anything else. You'll just mess things up. Just make sure your project settings match your source video and then burn your DVD.

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            Doug_newuser Level 1



            Thank you.


            I did not make it clear that I had burnt a DVD and played on the TV, with the issues I described.


            For the sake of clarity, my videos work fine, what I am trying to do is add some simple text titles.



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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              I would try a different font. Arial Bold, for instance.


              Some fonts render cleaner than others.

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                This sounds like a similar problem which I enquired about some weeks ago. I referred to it as 'flickery' scroll/roll, as though the field order was wrong. Nobody came up with a solution so I did some digging around. In my view, Adobe 'broke' something in PrEl9 onwards. I reinstalled v8 and 9 to my PC and this 'fault' is not apparent in v8 but IS in v9 and v10. If I create a simple scroll/roll against black in v10 and then load it into v8 - the fault shows in v10 but not in v8. I have not found a solution in v9/10, other than to use v8 for projects which include moving text. (I am in PAL land (UK)m working with DVPAL 25fps). Good luck! Alan S.

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                  Doug_newuser Level 1

                  Alanst2 and Steve


                  Thank you.   I don't have the luxury of reverting back to earlier problems, but good to know I am not alone.


                  I tried Steve's suggestion of changing the font and would agree that it does help, so thanks for all the advice.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    There are some links in this ARTICLE, that might be helpful, when doing Menus, or Titles.


                    Good luck,