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    How can I get the previous version of flash? pre


      Lion OSX 10.7.3

      Firefox 10.0.2 or Safari Version 5.1.3 (7534.53.10) or


      I keep looking on the site and I cannot find a prior version to; I can only find and nothing in between.


      I am trying to troubleshoot.


      Flash worked just fine on a computer with all of the same hardware a week ago, different computer that has been sent back so I cannot look at the software versions. I know that it was running the previous version of flash at least one release befor .62. All of the same issues occur with .64


      Examples of issues:

      (Below describes issues on Firefox, similar issues on Safari)


      It says "WELCOME 0123456789" at the top and whe you click on the game to play it you cannot do anything it just gives a dotted outline to the game.



      If you play level one and finish level one then starts over, if you finish level one agian it does nothing the screen does not change.

      On stage select to play menu all levels and level score show as "88" (should be 1, 2, 3, etc. and then no score until played)


      Simiarly to cobacoli


      It loads to main screen and all menu buttons show as "#Type1#" Should be something like Play, continue, settings, etc.



      Once you finish the game the highscore list never comes up, the game just ends; the game does not restart.

      The same happens here http://www.tonypa.pri.ee/turnellio.html



      It just plays the mofunzone intro over and over again


      Hulu videos have a decent amount of blank time before loading the ad. They do have a problem continuing to play when skipping around; I often have to click a couple different spots in the track before it starts playing again.


      If you load this game the Armor logo plays, then the alillm.com plays then the game is just black



      Youtube videos on youtube seem to play fine on this computer. Everything to do with flash .62 works well on my other machine running snow leopard.