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    Questions on server update (proxy, Tomcat)

    Ron.Stewart Community Member

      I've been working a bit with the CF10 beta on one of my dev boxes and have a couple questions regarding the new server update capability (which is very nice, BTW):


      1. Most of the time this box sits on a corporate network behind a proxy; will the server update capability function? And if I need to tweak anything to get it to work, what might that be?


      2. Our production boxes are configured in such a way that they will not be able to initiate a connection to the Adobe update servers; any thoughts on how updating will work? I see the ability in the CFadmin server update settings page to specify an alternate location for server updates. Can anyone provide guidance on how/if that might be used to work around either 1, above, or this scenario?


      3. What's the process for updating the Tomcat installation that is put in place when ACF10 is installed? Will the server update function provide a means of updating that portion of the stack (given that at 7.0.23, it is now 3 minor updates behind the latest official version)?