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    How do I get the output of Audition 3.0 to go to my speakers?

    New Orleans Audition User

      I am running Audition 3.0 on a PC with Windows 7 Home Premium.  This may not be the proper place for this question, but I was not able to put it on the Adobe Audition 3.0 and earlier forum.


      I am trying to record cassettes into Audition via a Behringer UFO202 USB device.  I plug in the USB and my computer sees it and I can hear via the headphone output that it is playing.  I go to the Windows Recording Mixer and it indicates that a USB audio device is working and I can see it recording into Audition.  However, when I turn on my speakers, nothing comes out.  When I play I-Tunes or sounds off my internet browser, I hear what I play, but I can't hear anything off Audition.


      I am also using a HT Omega Sound Card.


      I figure it is something that is not checked in some window someplace, but i can't figure out what.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you.