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    Lightroom 4 Crash


      Just installed Lightroom 4 and have tried to select book module and the progam constantly crashes everytime I do.....Other modules appear to be working properly. Only the book module is shutting down the program....Any one else having similar problems?

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          Geoff the kiwi Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Please supply more details such as OS, memory, etc.

          First try removing the LR4 preferences.

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            For me it's a little different. After upgrading from LR3 to LR4,  LR4 doesn't crash but it does hang. After which, if I try to change the module, I get the error:

            "An error occurred when attempting to change modules."


            Mac OS X 10.7.3

            iMac, Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.4 GHz, memory: 2GB

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              Mihai Gogean

              I have the same issue :

              MACBOOK PRO

              2.4 CORE 2 DUO

              4 GB RAM

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                aknbean Level 1

                I purchased LR 4 today.  Though decided to download and start using as a trial.  Both 32 and 64 bit crashed from the start.


                I looked over my catalog that I wanted to upgrade.  I saw some issues with RAW and edited from a Sigma SD14 that I previously owned.  I eliminated every one of those troubling formats from my LR 3 catalog/  Performed a save/backup.  I deleted the LR4 catalogs first created.  The restarted LR4 with my LR3 catalog.  Upgraded and now no crashing.




                Maybe this gives some ideas to your own situation.


                I shall keep LR 3 still installed for awhile until I am free and clear.


                I will keep a back up of my presets folder just in case.

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                  had it crash on me several times last night running a Macbook Pro OS 10.7.3 8Gb RAM, once in the map module and the 2 other times it says copying xml file data but my computer just sits and spins forever.Had some issues with exporting files back from CS5 in that after I did it wouldnt export to a jpg and then the xmp issue came up and crash.


                  Some folks have been complaining of sluggish performance and i see a slow down in exporting for sure, but i wonder if it may not be optimized for a MAC as the win folks seem to be having no issues.

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                    I have a similar problem.  Mine doesn't crash, but here is the message I get when I click on the Book module:  (unknown c++ exception).  That's all the information it gives me. I'm running Windows 7 on a Dell Studio 540, 8gb RAM, Service Pack 1.  So far, everything else with LR4 works great. I get no errors with any other module or panel.  I've been kinda waiting to see if anyone else was having a problem with the Book module ONLY.  There surely must be a common thread somewhere here.  And for the record, I did uninstall and re-install LR4.  That didn't help.  Sure would appreciate someone's help because I no nothing about c++ errors. Thanks.  Jack

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                      JackRatl Level 1

                      Well.  I guess no one else is having the same problem.  That is so not good.  If I'm the only one with this problem then I might as well assume it will never get fixed.  No big deal.

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                        I have the same problem with the Book module Jack.  I swear it was working before.  I did install Photoshop CS6 Beta today.



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                          JackRatl Level 1

                          Thanks Bill for adding this to the forum.  I also installed CS6 beta today, but, of course I already was having the problem prior to that.  I am adding that I have the Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Design Premium installed on this computer.  I don't know if that has anything to do with an "unknown c++ exception" or not. I can live without the book module because I usually use Blurb for that,but, when I invest my hard earned money in software it really bothers me when EVERYTHIING dosn't work correctly.  Thanks.



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                            I have a similar problem but with a different module.  Running Windows 7 (64 bit), when I try to go to the Print module, the program hangs up.  Eventually -- like in half an hour or so -- it will unlock, I can switch back to Library or Develop, and continue to work.  But I can't print.

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                              BillTickner Level 1

                              Jack, have you tried uninstalling LR4 and reinstalling?



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                                JackRatl Level 1

                                Yes I did try that.  Still the same thing.  But I'm going to try that once again since that's all I know to do.  If by chance the result is positive I will post it. Thanks.



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                                  BillTickner Level 1

                                  Well, this is weird!  Out of boredom, I clicked on the book module this morning, and it worked.  Now THAT really fills me with confidence!



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                                    I have the same problem. Click on "Book" causes "unknown C++ exception".

                                    I already re-installed the program, deleted the preference file, tried it with a brand new catalog without pictures but nothing helped.


                                    System: Win 7 64Bit, i5-750, 16GB DDR3, CS5 Master Suite german and LR4-Trial german (the error caused in the beta, too).

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                                      WannaWrite Level 1

                                      Today, I installed Lightroom 4.1 RC and I still have the same "unknown C++ exception" when clicking on "book".

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                                        JackRatl Level 1

                                        I also installed Lightroom 4.1 RC today and I still have the same "unknown C++ exception" when clicking on "book".  I think I will also mention some other programs that I have installed on this Dell Studio 540 with Windows 7 Professional. OnOne software's Perfect Suite 6, Photomatix, Portrait Professional, Daz Studio 4, Photoshop Elements 8, Debut Video Capture Tool, and a lot of "utility" programs that are too numerous to mention.  At some point when I have time I may try a uninstall/re-install of some of these and see if that does it.  That would obviously take an enormous amount of time.

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                                          JackRatl Level 1

                                          I just installed the just released Lightroom 4.1 version.  The Book Module is now working.  It seems to be working correctly but I haven't put it to the full book test yet.  I hope it solves the issue for everyone else too.