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    New importer for CS5.5: no sharpen options?

    Manuel LP Community Member


      The new importer have a new settings dialog with features specific to CinemaDNG, but only for the color, what about sharpness and noise control, this is not part of the debayering process too?

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          Ken Kameda

          For this version of the importer, we updated the options dialog, incorporating it into the importer rather than relying on the external Adobe Camera Raw plugin. We focused on retaining options that were core to CinemaDNG, since ACR contains a lot of controls that are more important to stills than video. Time constraints prevented us from adding more.



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            I too wondered about the same issue.


            A few questions:


            1) Do you know what the CinemaDNG "de-bayer" efficiency is? In other words, if there are 1000 photosites, what would you expect luminance resolution to measure? (With a 3-chip camera, the lumia resolution is almost equal to the number of Green photosites.)


            2) When I I import 12-bit sensor data -- what happens to it? After the de-Bayer is each RGB value 12-bits?


            3) When adjustments are made -- what bit depth is used in processing? 14-bits? 16-bits? 32-bits?


            4) What type of data does Premiere get? (I would hope 12-bit RGB rather than 8-bit YCrCb.)


            Thank you!


            PS: is there documentation for the CinemaDNG controls?

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              Ken Kameda Community Member

              All of the processing, including de-Bayering, is done in floating point. It is converted to 8-bit RGB at the end when delivering to Premiere.

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                d-v-c Community Member

                That's good news about FP processing.


                Cat I tell Premiere to work with 10-bit or 12-bit or 16-bit RGB? If so, will CinemaDNG FP data be converted to 10- or 12-bit or 16-bit?


                When exporting, do I have the option in Premiere to use the FP data BEFORE it was converted to 8-bit RGB? (In other words, the 24-bit RGB would act as a proxy.)


                When I import into AE, I can use 16-bits, and then export to ProRes 4444 which provides 12-bit 4:4:4 RGB. Bring it into FCP X and in the background it auto-converts to ProRes Proxy. Now when you export, the original PR 4444 is used. Very simple workflow.