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    Installation How-to for minimal/small footprint Adobe Reader & Firefox Plugin


      I need to install Adobe Reader & Firefox Plugin in a small Linux based environment.


      As a proof-of-concept, I downloaded and installed the AdbeRdr9.4.7-1_i486linux_enu.bin

      to an NFS share mounted to the Linux thinclient. That worked -- eg, the plugin was available

      to the browser so the OS will support that build. However, the client does not have much

      writable 'disk' space available and using any type of share (NFS/Samba) is not an option in

      the production environment.


      I need to use the plugin from within Firefox (6.0+) and have to be able to print via CUPS.

      DIsk space available is less than 50Mb, preferrably a lot less!


      Is there a guide available for a mimimal installation?


      Any sugguestions as to what files/directories I have to copy to the local filesystem for

      * an absolute minimum ?

      * a bit more if there's room?



      Suggestions / pointers appreciated..