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    Strobe Media Player broken after compile assets.swc and compile project in Flash Builder


      I'm using CS5.5 - Flash Builder 4.5 and Flash Professional  If I import a fresh Strobe Media Player 1.6.328 project into Flash Builder and compile, it works as expected and the StrobeMediaPlayback.html page loads in my browser and behaves normally. 


      Next, I load assets.fla in Flash Professional and do not make any changes and publish a new assets.swc.  Then I go back to Flash Builder and refresh the StrobeMediaPlayback project and compile again.  This time when StrobeMediaPlayback.html loads in the browser, the Strobe SWF is instantiated on the page but is not executing, i.e. no play button and no scrub bar at the bottom, just a black box.  Right button on the black box does bring up the Flash menu so the SWF did load but execution stopped somewhere.


      I'm trying to get the debugger working in Flash Builder, but no luck so far.


      Hopefully someone has seen this before and has some ideas.