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    Lightroom 4 Does not Work with plugins


      I installed my Lightroom 4 upgrade yesterday and I like the changes. However, the new program does not work with any plugin including Elements, NIK software and others. Adobe should not have released the full program until they had ensured that all will work.


      I have a MAC OS Lion. I went to the NIK homepages and followed their instructions to uninstall all prior versions and download the latest version of their software to install. I followed these directions and nothing happened. So I tried Adobe's own plugin, Elements 9, and that too did not work. Then I tried a few others I have from OnOne and other developers, but nothing works.


      Then I called Adobe where a recording told me they are very busy with complaints about Lightroom 4 and hung up. Then I tried to get a tech rep to chat with me, but got the same results as I had gotten with my call.


      Why does Adobe sell a product that fails such a basic issue? Why did they not work it out with the Beta edition before selling the progrm? I understand why Beta programs often have trouble, that's why they are Beta, but I do not understand why Adobe would sell a flawed product and then prevent their customers from getting tech help.