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    Invisible Buttons


      Whenever a dialog box pops up the buttons are invisible.

      I have to click all over until I find one.

      Same in both FME 2.5 & 3 on multiple computers in XP.

      Any way to change button color or something to make them visible?


      Thanks, Joe

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          fmeuser Level 3

          Could you please attach a screenshot. Are you using any kind of win xp themes? And there is no way to change the colors of the buttons.

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            Pungh0Li0 Level 1

            Theme is default "Window XP Modified"

            This is from my other computer with a fresh XP install.

            What I noticed on that computer is that if I click somewhere, the button will suddenly appear.

            My regular computer never shows the buttons.

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              Pungh0Li0 Level 1

              Ok, here are pics on the computer I use.

              I found that if I click on the windows taskbar, one of the buttons will appear. That will help, since I usually just click blindly until I hit one.

              Pic shows before and after I click on the windows taskbar.


              Thanks, Joe

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                fmeuser Level 3

                I can't see the pic attached in your last post. Please reattach it. Could you please also share your machine configuration.

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                  Pungh0Li0 Level 1

                  The picture says queued. I'll try again but it will probably do the same.


                  You mean hardware configuration?

                  My main computer is P4 3.2GHz, 2 Gig ram, LCD, Geforce 6800GT.

                  The other is an older P3 900MHZ 1 Gig ram, CRT, some older video card.

                  Both XP SP2.

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                    Did you ever find an answer to this question???  I'm experiencing exactly the same problem with versions 3.1 and 3.2 on XP SP3, (so I imagine whatever it is isn't version or OS related) and this is the ONLY other case I've managed to google up of someone experiencing this issue.. And the thread here makes things look pretty bleak!  The closest thing I see to an encouraging sign is that you didn't keep coming back and asking for answers, as if you just MIGHT have stumbled on the solution on your own?

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                      Pungh0Li0 Level 1

                      Sorry, I don't know the solution, but I just checked and it seems to be working now.

                      I had the same problem on several computers before.

                      They still have plenty of other interface problems that never get addressed so don't

                      hold your breath.


                      If you click on the task bar or somewhere outside the window, some buttons will appear.