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    Looping an MC


      I have a Movie clip inside a scene. The movie clip is 20 frames long and throughout the 740 frames, the mc is just supposed to loop (it's a character jumping up and down). So i've dragged the mc into the scene, made a tween so the frames extend up to frame 740. Once I've made an swf file, it seems to be looping just fine, which is what I wanted. For my purposes an swf file was just what the doctor ordered.

      However now, I need to make an avi file from the above scene. Making an avi file through Flash, with the same scene above seems to show just one frame from the character (frame 1), so the character is just stationary while everything around him is in motion. I really thought I could do this animation, all via timeline but I guess I have to action script this bad boy. Is it just a simple loop action that I'm totally gleaning over? Hopefully it's not too complicated. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          You can't create an AVI or a MOV from ActionScript directly the way that you want.  AS is designed for display at RunTime.  When animation is on your timeline it is baked into the file and the animation can be exported as an AVI stream or a MOV stream which can be used in After Effects.


          First, are you using Motion Tweens or Classic Tweens?


          Second, you could possibly convert the Movie Clip into a Graphic which has animation inside of it and then have the animation converted to keyframes.  Then stretch the length of your movie clip to the appropriate number of frames as a Graphic to play and duplicate this animation by Ctrl or Shift-dragging your keyframes (I don't remember the actual shortcut for this).


          The point of the whole thing is that your keyframes need to be baked into the timeline.  Not actionscripted.