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    Firefox Flash Player Black Screen (or just nothing there)


      I have never had a problem before yesterday with viewing flash [spam link removed]. Then yesterday, I tried to watch CBS online Criminal Minds and I got audio, but the screen was black and you couldn't access "settings." Then today, I tried to access the viewing feature of documents on Ancestry.com and same problem - black screen instead of a picture.  When I go to the Global Settings page for Flash Player, I CAN'T EVEN SEE THE BOX.  Even on the "test" flash player website when it say's if you see an error in the box it's not working properly, I CANT EVEN SEE THAT BOX!  Anyone?


      Attached are pictures of the error logs from the ancestry page.

      firefox errors3.jpgfirefox errors1.jpgfirefox errors2.jpg

      I have tried EVERYTHING from installing all kinds of different versions of flash player and Firefox and starting Firefox in Safe Mode.  I even manually disabled all extensions and add-on's at one point.  Nothing works. 


      I also tried disabling hardware acceleration on Firefox and from Flash player on pages that did work properly.  It seems to only be isolated to Firefox, because the Criminal Minds stream and Ancestry docs view fine on Chrome and IE.  Today I completely uninstalled Firefox (including add ons, my profile, my bookmarks - everything) and Flash (even used the flash uninstall program) and then reinstalled with completely new updated versions of both and still nothing.  I am using Windows 7 64 bit.


      Anyone know what those error messages mean and what I can do about them?