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    Deleted files and folders in Dreamweaver keep reappearing


      Help! After I delete files and folders in my Dreamweaver sites, they keep coming back! This has been happening for the last few weeks and I do not know why!!!!!

      I have deleted them from inside Dreamweaver, deleted them from Microsoft Windows Explorer (on a PC - Vista) even the recycle bin and when I click back in to a site in Dreamweaver, a small box appears real quick and they all show back up.

      The boxes say: Loading link info from cache... and the another box pops up and says: Searching for new and changed files. You can safely stop this if you have not changed files outside of Dreamweaver...4800

      Could this be it and how do I turn this off??

      I have Dreamweaver CS4 and CS5.5 and it happens in both. Thanks!!!