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    2.33 GHz vs. 2.10 GHz


      I have an AMD Phenom 8450 triple core processor 2.10 GHz, 4GB memory; 64 bit operating system, Vista home edition.  I have both IE9 32 bit and 64 bit.  I keep getitng a message to install the latest verison if I use IE; with firefox, I can play videos but they keep being interrupted.  I notice that the system requirements are for 2.33 GHz; does this mean I have to get a new computer?

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          Carl E. Myers Jr. Community Member

          Did you install the 32-bit Flash Player for Windows?

          Windows 32-bit

          Flash Player for Internet Explorer

          What files are in folder Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash?

          Enabling Flash Player in Internet Explorer 9

          ActiveX Filtering in Internet Explorer 9


          Open Firefox.  Go to this site: http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/

          Right click the spinning F, click Settings, uncheck Enable hardware acceleration.

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            gritzle70 Community Member

            Thanks, that worked really well for IE9.  Firefox still hangs up occasionally but not like it used to.

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              Carl E. Myers Jr. Community Member

              An improvement after disabling hardware acceleration means that you should update your video adapter driver.

              Windows: how do I update the device driver for my video/display adapter?

              Then you can try enabling hardware acceleration in Firefox.

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                gritzle70 Community Member

                Thanks for that tip, too.  Firefox browser works now as well.  I had the most up-to-date driver for the original driver on the computer.  When I tried to update from the device manager it said I had the most up-to-date version.  However, the link you provided allowed me to download a newer version.  You get a five stars from me.

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                  gritzle70 Community Member

                  I've installed 11,1,102,63 for both IE9 and Firefox.  I've check IE9 to make sure that active x filtering was disabled for adobe flash player and that the plug-in appears and is enabled as an add on.  I've also installed the verison for the 64 bit operating system with a 32 bit IE9.  I've also checked to see if my driver is the most up-to-date version which it is; the problem I have is that I can't open the settings for when I click on the spinning F for Firefox.  I unchecked driver accelleration the last time; but now I can't find it; when I right click on the spinning f and then click on settings, nothing happens.  I can open global settings however.


                  I'm having problems playing the videos on youtube; they keep being interrupted.

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                    gritzle70 Community Member

                    The latest version of flash player works okay on Firefox but not with IE9 even though Adobe shows that the latest version is installed correctly on both browsers.  The problem now is  with videos when played by IE9.  It tells me that I need a browser that supports HTML 5.  There is an online test [html5test.com]; IE9 on my computer scores only 141 out of a total of 475 while Firefox scores 335 out of 475 points. I use Firefox but sometimes I click on links that lead me to videos that are embedded in the text; when I click on those videos, they play only with IE.


                    Is anyone else getting this error message?

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                      gritzle70 Community Member

                      I just downloaded 11.7.700.169 for both IE9 and Firefox and I am still having the same problem.  The videos start up and then stop; sometimes they restart after quite awhile; but it's nothing but stops followed by a long delay before it restarts but only for a few seconds.


                      Should I used an adobe flashplayer removal tool to make sure that there is not a problem here.  I have removed the program using windows uninstall.  Could you purovide me with a link if you think that will help.


                      With IE9 I  deactivated Active X filtering as well as tracking protection and InPrivate Browsing before I installed flashplayer.  The flashplayer add-on is enabled.


                      With Firefox I turned off enable hardware acceleration; should that be on or off. 


                      I also disabled my antivirus program.


                      My driver is updated.


                      What seems to be the problem.  It's never been this bad before.  I have the same problem with both IE9 and Firefox.