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    .mod files from Canon FS300

    HyperPing Community Member

      Having some difficulty with importing .mod files captured from my Canon FS300. I'm running CS5.5 on a Macbook Pro. Transferred the files to the drive, then attempted to use Adobe Media Encoder to change them to MPEG-2. I think I am just having issues with properly encoding the files and what preset I should actually use in Premiere Pro 5.5 once they are properly encoded.


      My main problem is a really just don't know what the aspect ratio is on the FS300. Their manual gives me little to go on.


      Viewing the movies prior to endoding they look crisp, but after encoding they lose quality.

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          John T Smith ACP/MVP

          Read Hunt on Using MOD/TOD files http://forums.adobe.com/thread/699990


          >don't know what the aspect ratio

          For Mac http://mediainfo.massanti.com/ to find details

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            HyperPing Community Member

            OK, day three of trying dozens of ways around this issue. I've scanned most of the thread above (and many subsequent threads mentioned within it) and still I am no closer to a solution.


            Renaming the files is a failure in CS5.5 on the mac. I decided to try to use the Media Encoder to export different file types. Each time the files squash and there is quality lost in each of the compression methods. I even check that they files are still 720x480 with the Media Inspector you recommended. They say they are still 720x480, yet in Premiere they do not appear to be (Premiere inspector shows them also as 720x480). I'm at a loss. It actually blows my mind that there is not a better built-in solution from Adobe with this seemingly common file type.


            Not sure how many hours I am willing to suffer with this footage, which is quite sad. One of a kind storm footage from here in Malta.

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              Ann Bens ACP/MVPs

              The file being squased is normal as a .mod file does not carry a widescreen flag.

              If you import that into Premiere you need to interprete the files and set it to widescreen.

              You could convert the .mod file to mov in the Media Encoder.

              Unfortunately .mod is not very common infact its a bit of a pita.

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                Colin-B Community Member

                mod files do contain a widescreen flag, but it is frequently interpreted incorrectly. You can use SDCOPY to "correct" the widescreen flag in the mod file - actually it just changes the flags so that they are less ambiguous.


                MOD files are little more than standard MPEG-2 program stream files. The problem seems to be more to do with Premiere than the mod files.





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                  Ann Bens ACP/MVPs

                  Dont think SDCopy is going to work on a Mac?

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                    Colin-B Community Member

                    Aha! Quite so. Missed that.


                    There is something about doing this on the Mac at the bottom of this premierepro wiki page "FINALLY I found the solution for Mac users..."




                    I don't know if that would help.

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                      HyperPing Community Member

                      Interpret footage doesn't seem to affect the clips whatsoever. I've trid converting them to .mov as well. Goign to take a shot at Colins last suggestion although it is a couple version old.

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                        HyperPing Community Member

                        Unfortunately the mcac3dec.framework framework mentioned doesn't seem to exist in PrPro 5.5 - perhaps it does, just named differently?


                        Here is the actual set up suggestion taken from the wiki written by Vidioterie. Mind you this was for CS3:


                        FINALLY I found the solution for Mac users, and it's just as easy as the Windows solution offered above, assuming you have Adobe Encore DVD installed as well. I worked with the CS3 version, but I think it'll work equally well with CS2 or CS4. Here it goes:

                        1. in Finder, navigate to Applications -> Adobe Encore (CS3)
                        2. ctrl-click on the Adobe Encore CS3 program file in this folder
                        3. click 'Show Package Contents'. a second Finder window opens.
                        4. navigate to Contents -> Frameworks
                        5. select and copy (cmd-C) the folder 'mcac3dec.framework'
                        6. close this Finder window
                        7. in the first FInder window, now navigate to Applications -> Adobe Premiere Pro (CS3)
                        8. ctrl-click on the Adobe Premiere Pro (CS3) program file in this folder
                        9. click 'Show Package Contents'. again a second Finder window opens
                        10. navigate to Contents -> Frameworks
                        11. paste (cmd-V) the copied folder into the Frameworks folder
                        12. check if it's there. it should be listed in between 'mcaacaenc.framework' and 'mcdvd_32.framework'
                        13. That's all! From now on, all you'll have to do is rename your .MOD files to .MPG and you'll be able to work with them directly in Premiere without ANY converting! Yay! :-D


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                          medeamajic Community Member



                          Above is a link to a video tutorial that shows how to use a Canon FS 200 with Premiere Pro. This method should work for your camera as well. You can skip the first minute of the video if you want to.

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                            Ann Bens ACP/MVPs

                            'mcac3dec.framework' looks to me as its refering to the ac3 codec which was not present in CS3.

                            After CS4 that issue was resolved.

                            Try the extention renaming.

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                              Thanks for the renaming the file extension. I was having the same problem with the squishing on a PC. Found this link extremely helpful!